Give BN total victory lah

By J. D. Lovrenciear

Yes. Why can we not give BN total victory not only in the by-elections but also in the coming 13th General Elections?

Look, the nation has been doing fine all this while. No? Take a look at the billboards that dot the nation proclaiming “Another project brought to you by BN”.

Hear well. Even the Secretary of State of USA has recently affirmed that Malaysia is a model nation that enjoys good governance. Surely Hillary Clinton cannot be lying.

Read between the lines. None of our nation’s Prime Ministers, including our current CEO have said that BN has done any wrong. BN as they have always held is the best choice that citizens can have. Even if there are any wrong doings spotted, these have been promptly dismissed as mere occasional bad apples in a basket of goodies. So what is the rakyat’s problem?

BN always tells us that the people have never failed to trust BN since Merdeka. And rightly, Malaysians have been giving BN their votes. Just take a re-look at the past by-elections. So why not give BN all the votes this time?

Oh but what about all the claims and allegations of wrong doing by BN? Listen to BN. What do you expect of losers, they will only say bad things about us BN. They are ‘opposition’ remember? They will always oppose only.

And some may say, what about rising crime? But BN has explained many times before: citizens must also be more responsible lah. And so the citizens have barricades in and around their houses and properties now. Done deal. So, again another reason to vote BN.

Then some may claim that our ministers are all living a life of luxury. But why not? BN is working hard and they say that if you paid peanuts you will only get monkeys to watch over you. So, it is okay. After all, look, even the PM’s wife is working so very hard shuttling across the globe for the welfare of Malaysians and their gifted children.

Vote BN. BN has the experience of governing.

But you may argue, look at the new forts being managed by ‘opposing’ parties. Well BN also has a remedy for that. Have no fear, you have seen how BN rescued the citizens in Perak. So there you go again – vote BN.

Then you may want to complain about our economy going bust in the near future. BN re-assures you. Look at the market. See how we are riding. Investors are coming by the droves, but just that BN is a little selective to make sure we get only the good and favoued ones in. Okay? Vote BN.

Still you have reservations?

What about that brutal, grisly murder of the Mongolian citizen? Hasn’t the case been addressed by Malaysia’s Palace of Justice? What more do you want? Look, even Mongolia is silent. So stop your ranting otherwise you are a public nuisance. Vote BN the guardians of exemplary justice. In fact more developing nations are going to be visiting us soon as the USA has just declared that others in the developing belt must emulate us.

Next, you may drum up the sagas of corruption. Has not the Tun Doctor once reprimanded that such things do happen – even in the developed world. But don’t worry, BN will address it as it goes along. Anyway, if you have solid proof, come forward and BN will act. That sounds fine too, so vote BN.

So, let us all vote BN and there will be no fears of ‘crushed bodies, lost lives and ethnic cleansing’. We can all go to bed as soundly as a baby.

Now, what is your (the readers) take on this? Please let your views be made known to BN too. After all one should not listen to one side only yah as Malaysia is truly democratic as proven by USA’s official label for us. Oh, yes, vote BN.