Do We Really Need Nuke Power?

CLICK HERE to see the vision, mission and slogan of the Malaysian Nuclear Agency. Better still, listen to the audio version! 🙂

At the mention of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, many still cringe in horror at the remembrance of its victims. What about Cherbnobyl? Wikipedia states that “the Chernobyl disaster was a well-known nuclear accident of catastrophic proportions that occurred on 26 April 1986, at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine (then in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, part of the Soviet Union). It is considered the worst nuclear power plant accident in history and is the only level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale. How would you feel if you discovered that Malaysia has her own nuclear plant?

According to THIS SITE:

Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia) has a role to introduce and promote the application of nuclear science and technology for national development.

Established in 19 September 1972, Malaysian Nuclear Agency was then known as Centre for Application of Nuclear Malaysia (CRANE) before it was formally named as Tun Ismail Atomic Research Centre (PUSPATI).

On 28 September 2006, following its restructuring, MINT was given a new identity,which is Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia). Its strategic loction, near higher learning institutions, besides its close proximity to the National Administration Centre, Putrajaya, and the Multimedia Super Corridor, Cyberjaya, has stimulated Nuclear Malaysia to meet its aspirations. CLICK HERE for the rest of the entry.

From there, I surfed to the MINT website HERE and was surprised to see the site! You have to visit that site to know what I mean.

CLICK HERE to see the vision, mission and slogan of the Malaysian Nuclear Agency. Better still, listen to the audio version! 🙂

seems to indicate that the last patent application was filed in 2004.

I found the following sites MOST interesting!!!

1. THIS LINK about the reactor is BLANK.

2. THIS LINK about Radioactive Waste Management is also BLANK.

3. All of the links under Plants and Facilities led to BLANK pages.

4. THIS LINK shows that the training program for 2011 has been systematically arranged, organized and coordinated. Well done!

Whilst in a way it is commendable that our country has made some attempt to develop in nuclear science and technology, I do worry about safety issues especially with regards to leaks and other related issues. Are the laboratories and centres tested and protected against all these challenges? Is there an evacuation plan in the event of a leak and other problems? I hope so.

Our neighbouring countries have also made progress in this area including Myanmar and North Korea.

Datuk Dr. Daud Mohamad, Director General of Malaysian Nuclear Agency, presented a paper on the Future for Nuclear in Malaysia at the Energy Forum held in KL last year which you can access HERE. It appears that our country is moving in the direction of nuclear energy but are we really fully prepared in terms of training, safety measures, meeting challenges and safety issues? His paper said that on 26 June 2009, the Cabinet agreed to:

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