A Sober Nation

Muslims in Malaysia, unlike other countries, are still not able to resist temptation.

I feel disappointed that less than 50 percent of Malays in the Peninsular actually voted BN, even though BN had done so much for them. If not for the Non-Malays in this country, and our patriotic brothers in East Malaysia, Malaysia would have gone to the Opposition. Horror of horrors!!

By Capt. Iskandar Dzulkarnain

A news item in The Star caught my attention last night.

KLANG: The Selangor government is setting up a fund to help Muslims following the Subang Jaya Municipal Council’s (MPSJ) directive banning them from working in entertainment outlets serving liquor.

“The special fund is to help Muslim workers who will be leaving their jobs at entertainment outlets that sell liquor,” said Khalid.

Workers in pubs, hotels, restaurants and clubs located in areas under the jurisdiction of MPSJ found themselves in a predicament after the local authority enforce the ban which is in accordance with Section 18 (2) of the Syariah Criminal Enactment (Selangor) 1995

Kudos to MPSJ Subang Jaya Municipal Council for implementing these by laws on Muslims working in entertainment outlets. Thousands of Muslims will be affected and losing their jobs in the process. But thousands will be saved from sinning further. A milestone has been reached, and we must implement this by-law immediately. But why limit it to Subang alone? Why not extend it to Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and why not across the country?

Imagine, a truly Alcohol-free Malaysia? Before, the excuse was we will lose a lot of Tourism revenue if that was implemented in Hotels and Entertainment Outlets. But sincerely, we do not need the Western Tourists with their heathen ways. If Malaysia was alcohol-free, we will have millions of Arab tourists swarming our Halal hotels, with families dressed from head to toe in black garb. We also need to ensure that Flights coming in and out of Malaysia would not carry alcohol. Tourists coming in to Malaysia must be tested for alcohol and not allowed in if they had a drink or two on the plane.

Has MPSJ implemented a Social Welfare scheme for these affected Muslims? Why allow PKR to take advantage of this situation by setting up a fund for this Muslims? MPSJ must implement this Fund now, and pronto. Muslims affected by the MPSJ directive should leave their jobs and instantly register themselves with MPSJ. Proof of employment with these entertainment outlets should
suffice. MPSJ should register them and give them handouts equivalent to the same amount of their last drawn salary for the next 24months, while looking for Halal jobs like mixing Teh Tarik or kneading Roti Canai.

But I doubt mixing Teh Tarik will pay the same salaries as mixing cocktails, or serving in high tech entertainment outlets, but these poor Muslims also has families to feed. We cannot just leave them to fend for themselves without a job. Who is going to feed the baby?

That is unless we raise the prices on Teh Tarik, and implement the same amount of sin taxes on non-alcoholic beverages. MPSJ other than being a Social Welfare Organization should also start a temporary Labour Dept to look for Jobs for these jobless Muslims, where they will be paid the same or higher salaries.

But why penalise the Muslims from losing their livelihoods?

MPSJ should force all these entertainment outlets to be alcohol free, and serve alcohol free beer, or Sparkling Juices that tastes exactly like wine in replacement of wines. Spirits and other hard liquor could be replaced with Air Tuak, or alcohol free toddy. The government should not be afraid to lose on these high sin taxes for alcoholic beverages. All they have to do is to raise the non-sin taxes for beer and alcohol to the same rates for Coke or Mineral water and Wallah, the government will stand to make triple what they lose on Alcohol taxes. After all these taxes is Haram money, and now the Government can make a good profit from non sin taxes.

Hotels should be alcohol-free as well, so that Muslims can keep their jobs. Same goes for our National Airlines, Supermarkets, Duty Free shops, Night clubs and Pubs. We should consider closing Carlsberg, and Guiness breweries in Malaysia as well, as we cannot tolerate Muslims working in a non-Halal environment. Arrest any Muslims who has shares in these Haram entities, or who are Directors of these companies. Ban hybrid cars from being imported to Malaysia, automobiles that consumes alcohol instead of gasoline or electricity. It may also be Haram to drive them too, so why take the risk.

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