Only in Malaysia…only in Malaysia!

Perhaps the most outrageous example of this arrogance is their inability to understand that there are other points of view to be considered other then their own. To them any deviations from their point of view is a conspiracy to undermine their ability to hold on to power – no matter what.

By steadyaku47

Today at Belaga Najib announced that the Federal government has agreed in principle to write off the balance of RM41 Million in housing loans owned by 1500 families who were relocated following the construction of the Bakun Dam. “Because there was a strong basis to give the villagers such assistance!” Just as there is a strong basis for MACC to kill Teoh Beng Hock? For the UTK guys to blow up Altantuya? Huh!

Then we see the spectacle of a 74 year-old Taib Mahmud marrying a 28 year old Syrian. We see this situation everyday in any of the massage parlor that abounds in Bukit Bintang. He driven by lust and she driven by money – and they each service each other and all is done within the hour….but this Sarawak Syrian union will last a bit longer. How much longer is really none of my concern. And he is Chief Minister of Sarawak? God help that Chief Minister and then God help Sarawak!
Then there is that sad and sorry saga of Ummi Haflida Ali seeking another 15 minutes of fame and a last payday before the advent of old age catches up with her. Now I know that I did not have sex with that girl! Though  Norazman Abdullah @ Baginda anak Minda did claimed that he had sex with Ummi in London! Anybody else who can claim that she had sex with this Ummi Haflida Ali? 
Then there is the matter of the Utusan Senior Reporter being suspended for being critical of his own UMNO-owned daily. Utusan Malaysia is the number one selling Malay-Language daily with a circulation of around 180,00. This, according to the people at Utusan, is a remarkably high net circulation under the Bahasa Malaysia category. Yeah right! UMNO has 3.6 million registered members and Utusan’s circulation is 180,000? What does that say about Utusan? That even UMNO members will not buy Utusan? Die lah like that! The truth is this: By any category the circulation of this newspaper sucks! Utusan Malaysia is a sorry excuse for a daily.
How sad that our Malay leaders keep isolating themselves and most Malays from the realities that is out there. And everyday and every time that they do so we Malays sink lower into the abyss of inbreeding ourselves intellectually. We cannot gain strength from competition and exposure to others who are better then us. And into all this comes the chant of Ketuanan Melayu! How much more can the Malays take of this condescending attitude of their own leaders?   

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