IGP outlines new strategies

By Lee Shi-Lan, NST

The success in reducing the crime index last year has been dampened with the increase in the number of complaints against policemen.

Speaking to senior officers at the police training college in Cheras yesterday, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said he was disturbed by the numerous complaints of policemen taking bribes, abusing their power and refusing to accept reports.

“Last year, we did well in reducing the crime index, but I am not satisfied with the complaints from the public against the police,” Ismail said, adding that he did not want to hear similar complaints this year.
“Changes must and will be made because these complaints and allegations must stop.”

Ismail gave his first address of the year to senior police officers, including all state and district police chiefs where he outlined his plans and strategies for the force.

“When the heads of department draw up their respective plans and strategies, I want them to combine innovation and creativeness as well.
“We must strive to surpass last year’s achievements.”

He said this year’s plans and strategies would be based on people first, performance now, and on the 1Malaysia concept.

He added that several new districts had also been created, especially in Selangor.

“Last year’s target was a five per cent reduction in the crime index and a 20 per cent reduction in street crimes. Both targets were surpassed so this year’s target will be higher.”

According to statistics released by Ismail yesterday, the crime index for last year fell by 15 per cent while there was a reduction of 35 per cent in street crimes.

“There is a greater challenge ahead of us this year and we must be ready to meet it.”

He said resources like the police volunteer reserve, auxiliary police, Rela and the Civil Defence Force should be maximised as they aimed to build on last year’s crime prevention successes.

“Malaysia is a safe country to live in and conduct business, but the objective of the police is to make the country an even safer place.”

On the upcoming Tenang by-election, Ismail said police were ready to ensure a smooth and incident-free event as everything was already in place, including manpower and logistics.