Cyberlaws? Better chastity laws

If you have to police, please go police the crooks.

By J. D. Lovrenciear

The minister has announced that the cyberlaws would soon make its way into the Malaysian lives which undoubtedly is already soaked with so many restrictive laws.
Malaysians and their neighbours wonder why all the haste to bring the cyberlaws on, fast track. One would have expected ‘Chastity Laws’ given the many sex scandals – both true and alleged that have been flying around for some time.
The minister’s explanation makes it seem that the Malaysian citizens are just a whole bunch of hopeless people who need laws to be kept on a tight rein. Without the laws we may become amok and run like headless chicken causing havoc all over the country.
When almost every other developing nation is taking great strides to showcase their citizenry as forward looking, peace loving and enjoying civil liberties, we are back tracking into showing the world just the opposite.
The proposed (rather imminent) cyberlaws will make the nation a laughing stock of the developed world. Even in the region, we will be looked upon with apprehension.
Are Malaysians really that dangerous and evil? Why have so many oppressive laws like ISA, OSA, Printing and Publishing Act, etc then? Are we having bloody wars and coups in the country? Are Malaysians really prone to be terrorism-minded? Are ordinary Malaysians that vulnerable that they need to “be protect(ed)” as what the minister claimed?
For a tiny nation of only 27 million, it is so very strange that a professing democracy can have so many oppressive laws.
And only the other day one other leader blurted out that our students are prone to be recruited by Islamic terrorists, Tamil Tigers and militant Sikhs. What, are Malaysians also on sale now?
Pray our ministers realise that a nation like Malaysia that has seen development and progress in the past is not going to swallow bait, hook and line. So please, minister(s), stop making us Malaysians look like dummy fools or bloody bandits.
If you have to police, please go police the crooks. The gambling dens; the drug traffickers; prostitutes – Lorong Hj Taib is still there operating in broad daylight; rapists; snatch thieves; burglers and many more are roaming and striking like loose missiles. And if you could just do that, you would certainly have protected the citizens from harm’s way. Not cyberlaws!
Do not attempt to curtail the development and growth of true democracy when the world is racing at top notch speed to up their rankings on civil liberties. You will only earn the wrath of the civilized world. Surely you do understand Obama’s speech in the wake of the Arizona tragedy (of what he said with reference to the little girl who died in the bloody shooting)?
Also learn fast from nations that are well ahead into IT. They only place a premium in educating their cyber consumers – not policing them.
Unless of course we want to join the ranks of regimes whose currency is supression of the masses to in order to hold on to power and control at all cost.