Nazir Razak and his EPF thief

How much power and money does Nazir Razak really want?

He has been actively selling himself the past few years and pushing his way around town based on the fact that he is the PM’s brother.

Yes sure he talks about merit and all that but truth is he is a typical Umno elite type who is depending on his big brother for handouts.

The latest thing he is lobbying abang Najib for is for Tan Sri Azlan Zainol to be retained as EPF CEO.

His retirement date is a few months away but Tan Sri Azlan Zainol has been lobbying like crazy to get a two year extension.

Guess who is trying to make it happen?

Nazir of course lah.

The banker has been Azlan’s chief lobbyist.
There is a very good reason for this – good for Nazir that is.


During Azlan’s time in charge at the EPF, he abdicated the pension fund to Nazir.
Yes it is really Nazir who calls the shots on the EPF investment panel. 
What is happening is that all CIMB’s clients which need EPF investment get a fress pass. 
It has been like this for a few years.
Nazir is Najib’s brother so does anyone dare to question any deal?
Does anyone even dare to ask the abang what the adik is doing?