Indonesian maid denies Rais raped her

By Teoh El Sen, Free Malaysia Today

KUALA LUMPUR: The Indonesian maid who once worked for the Information, Communications and Culture Minister Rais Yatim has denied that she has ever been raped by him.

A newsportal,, reported that the woman, Robengah , 46, denied the allegations when met by reporters at her home in Banjarnegara, Indonesia.

She reportedly issued the denial in a statement given to four officials from the Indonesian Workers Protection and Placement Centre (BNP2TKI) in Semarang, central Java. Her husband was also present.

“I worked for eight years in datuk’s house. I was treated well all the while; there were no problems and definitely no rough or undesirable treatment towards me,” she reportedly said in the statement.

BNP2TKI head Jumhur Hidayat stressed that the allegations against the minister were baseless.

“We have a statement from Robengah’s mother and a written statement from herself saying that she had never been raped or mistreated while employed by the family of Rais,” he said.

Robengah started work in Rais’ home in 1999 and returned to Indonesia in 2007.