The Tragedy of 1Malaysia!

1Malaysia = 1BN Rule

By Damian Denis

I was just listening to some Beyond songs, a group who were very famous in the 1980/90’s in Hong Kong. It is my favourite Chinese band with a colorful past. But tragedy struck in 1993 when the lead singer fell to his death from a 3 metre stage.

Our country too had a colorful past under the premiership of Tunku right till Tun Hussein Onn. Then tragedy struck our nation when Mahathir came to power and dismantled almost every institution this country has ever cherished i.e. judiciary.

Badawi was next and he slept through his administration. Najib took over and came up with his 1Malaysia slogan inspired by APCO. So, what is actually 1Malaysia and what has it achieved so far?

Frankly, it has achieved quite a lot. Najib needs to turn the tide back that gave PR control in 5 states that broke BN’s 2/3 monopoly.

Firstly, it has been able to break the Indian voters after the Tsunami 2008. The Indians were kingmakers in many contituencies in much of the northern/central states in the penisular. They were united to bring down BN under the inspirational HINDRAF movement.

If this particular minority is not divided then there is a big chance of 2008 repeating itself. Hence, Makkal Sakhti Party came and a host of other splinter Indian based parties too. Even Hindraf has lost its plot and are seen to be more anti PR than BN itself.

I feel the Indian voters have also lost their direction and will most probably fall back to BN. So, if you are thinking that 1Malaysia is to unite Malaysians, think again. It is just a front to achieve its political goal of uniting the whole of Malaysia under 1BN rule hence 1Malaysia.

How about the Malay voters? Looks like they are making a return to BN going by what the last by-election results are. Najib has been able to inch his way to the Malay voters enclave but he knows he can’t do it alone.

He does it with Perkasa as his tool and Utusan newspaper as his mouthpiece. These two groups have been in the forefront espousing Malay supremacy day in and day out. And some are actually buying it especially those from the contractors class.

In addition, these two have been loud and clear and in no uncertain terms made their intentions known that Malays will lose their power in this land if PR comes to power. That message has been bandied about almost every other day and it seems to be bearing some results too.

I can’t say that the Malay voters are going back in droves but what is certain is they are going back to be re-united under Najib’s UMNO. I guess in this sense Najib’s 1Malaysia beginning to have some desired results.

Mahathir put it aptly that the real kingmakers are the Malay voters if only they are united. And this is what 1Malaysia has been doing quietly but surely.

What about the Chinese voters? Well, they have been practical and steadfast about the need for change. This is one group that Najib is not able to make much progress in terms of political support.

MCA has not been that helpful either in gaining mileage for any support for BN as a whole. And I guess that is why 1Malaysia is so important to Najib because he just can’t rely on his own BN counterparts to do a good job.

So, what is Najib’s 1Malaysia plan for the Chinese community? Frankly, I am without a clue and hoping someone out there could tell me.

Sabah & Sarawak? Well, they are already 1Malaysia meaning under 1BN rule hence the term “fixed deposits for BN” so why go and mess things up there.

In fact, Sabah has gone one step further. They are no more 1Malaysia but 1Asia because of their rather “inclusiveness” to the massive influx of foreign nationals from Indonesia, Phillipines, Pakistan, Semenanjung etc.

So what have we learnt from here. A few things:-

1Malaysia is a political tool/trap to achieve 1BN rule in Malaysia.
– 1Malaysia methodology is “divide and rule” the Malaysian voters to achieve BN rule. Divide the kingmakers and rule the rest of them.
– 1Malaysia tool is Perkasa and Utusan newspaper is their mouthpiece. Why do you think Najib has been quiet and not taken any steps or action on these two groups?

Now is the Selangor government divided on this issue? What the heck? They should just go ahead and ban this 1Malaysia idea/slogan/symbol and what not.

1Malaysia is a trap that would lead to Pakatan’s death and I can imagine Najib is having a good laugh now.

1Malaysia is just a front for Najib’s to work out his strategy to unite Malaysia under his rule. If this strategy works out then it is a Tragedy for all Malaysians!

Remember 1Malaysia = 1BN Rule (read: Divide and Rule)