TBH: If I am the coroner..

  1. In response to a request by SBS I have decided to write this post. Being a doctor and have some good level of logical thinking I believe my assessment of the situation is not far off from the truth. Most of the explanation can be found in my previous articles related to TBH. Allow me to put a caveat that this is purely my opinion based on evidence in public domains and information obtained from AG chambers website. Some of the conclusion was made after discussing with friends in the police forensic unit (but not involved in the case) and the doctors in government and private hospital services.

  2. I believe the main objective of the inquest to establish the reasonable cause of death. The two parties were trying to establish whether it is suicide or homicide. In my mind the coroner took a safe decision which was neither here nor there. In my assessment he does not want to be a party to any decision that will upset the people with power. In my mind, I believe beyond reasonable doubt that it was an interrogation went bad and two individuals panicked and took what they thought an easy way out i.e. by simulating a suicide. Unfortunately plenty of evidence points it away from suicide.

  3. This is what I believe happened. TBH was interrogated. He was physically haggled. The officers had roughed him. In the process, a big book (most likely a thick book of the size of a phone book or a big folder) was used to whack him at his head from the rear. He collapsed and became unconscious. His breathing was shallow and intermittent. The two interrogating officer panicked and within the next 15-20 minutes tried to revived him but failed. They quickly decided that it is best that they threw him out from the window and make it look like a suicide.

  4. Two men carried him. One person lifting him at the chest/head level and the other lift him at his legs. They carried him to the window. While trying to maneuver the body in trying to get his legs out, his pocket got hooked at the window lock. It broke. When the body was released, the broken window lock hooked on the pants and tears it in a specific direction which was due traction cause by the weight of the body.

  5. He landed leg first and this led to his leg being fractured at several places. He did not die immediately but rather within the next 30 minutes or so. On what basis did I wrote the above. The details are too many which requires you to read my previous write up which takes into account the measurements of windows, parapet floor and few others. In a nutshell what is clear is that there is no clear evidence to suggest suicide. It was a tragic interrogation which went awry was being cover up.

  6. The “accident” happened in MACC office. Facts showed that he was in MACC custody. He was never released. His car keys, wallet and hand phone was not on him. The ejected window is proven beyond doubt to be at MACC floor despite the initial denial. It has been established that there were no other outsider on that floor. “I suspect” that there were phone calls exchanges between top brass in MACC Shah Alam and MACC Putrajaya which could actually gave clue to the time of incident. (These details are not made public).