Mirror, mirror on the wall…

We are fighting the wrong battles. Race against race. Faith against faith. Political parties against political parties.

By J. D. Lovrenciear, Kuala Lumpur

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what is happening to Malaysia please tell it all.

The dawn of 2011 in Malaysia has been pock-marked with dents and even cracks arising from the usual wrong battles that have been the practice since 2008.

Racial, religious, corruption, sin – you name it we have it all in the Malaysian saga of politics, social and economic thrusts.

Politics is no more about respect, tolerance, acceptance and forward moving with cooperation. Today, we witness yet another debacle – this time in Selangor. Only not too long ago we saw the same deterioration in Perak.

The Courts of Justice are inundated with all kinds of legal battles. One wonders how on earth can the judiciary ever be efficient and productive given the extraordinary rise in cases for deliberation. Any management guru worth his penny will be able to predict that quality and productivity will suffer when the load tips.

The rakyat are also bombarded with heavy doses of news – one in support of the ruling government and condemnation for the ‘opposition’ political forces, while the new media goes ballistic on the BN led coalition with all sorts of stories – both facts and those that are yet to be verified.

Anything and everything is torpedoed into a mountain of issues riling people from the four corners of society And when one story dies down, another flame rages on. Now how long can a nation go on and on like this is anyone’s guess.

Many nations the world over are uniting to fight the wars of efficiency, innovativeness, productivity and post-war comfort to rise to new heights of national glory. The battle is one of economics and greater democracy. And raising the civil liberties of humanity is the credo of almost all forward looking countries today.

These nations are witnessing unprecedented leaps in their respective political, social, economic and environmental spheres. Their citizens are proud to walk the globe as they parade their country’s achievements.

Can we say the same for Malaysia today?

No. We are fighting the wrong battles. Race against race. Faith against faith. Political parties against political parties. Our battle cry is truly getting louder and louder with each passing year. The daily news in the main stream media and the internet are sufficient to prove the point.

Hope for truce is blurring with each passing day as the country is not blessed with blue-chip leadership. And we have only everyone to blame. Up in arms, Malaysians continue to fan the many battle cries, joining forces in the war of race, religion and personal economic gain.

Now how long can a nation continue this way needs no meteor scientist to expound. In fact the present Prime Minister has already spelt it out loud and clear at a recent political party gathering.

A nation that won freedom without spilling the blood of its subjects is today fighting a political battle that threatens to spill blood on the streets. Just evaluate the breaking news each day – it is devoid of merry making no hope.

We can have all the good news i.e. that the country’s economic rating is healthy. But if the soul of that nation – the rakyat (leaders and followers) are riddled with bullets of envy, greed, deceit, dishonour, intolerance, non-acceptance, lopsided favour for one race against another, and all else that we have here in Malaysia, that country is besieged.

The honour of duty now rests squarely on the ruling coalition party to make speedy amends where it is needed. Likewise, ‘opposition’ parties who are strategizing to hopefully form the next government must build that dream on their own merits and not take pock-shots at their ‘enemy’.

If all else fails, the last hope must emanate from the Royal Households of the country.

And if that too fails, we would have entered a new zone – a failed nation.