Gobalakrishnan staying in PKR to push for reforms

(NST) – Embattled PKR Padang Serai member of parliament N. Gobalakrishnan yesterday alleged that the party’s deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali had breached its election rules by pushing for a re-election for the Perak PKR liaison committee chairman post.

Gobalakrishnan said this was despite the post being won by Mustafa Kamil Ayub by three votes.

“Azmin and his men pushed for a re-election with the intention to defeat Mustafa who had run for the deputy-president post against Azmin.”

Gobalakrishnan claimed that Azmin was going overboard in running down party members who were vocal in pushing for reforms in PKR.

“Azmin and his staunch supporters are acting above the party’s constitution and creating a new culture in PKR whereby those who are not in line with him are being sidelined and pushed to leave the party.”

Gobalakrishnan, who failed to be elected as vice-president during PKR’s elections last November, also reiterated that the results were invalid.

Despite these, Gobalakrishnan insisted that he was not leaving the party and would stay to push for reforms in PKR.

“I am merely voicing out the disappointment among party grassroots over the election process.

“All this is happening because of Azmin and his group’s actions in going overboard,” said Gobalakrishnan to reporters at his service centre here yesterday.