You’re so right and also so wrong

Many are judging PR’s performance based on an uneven battlefield, just like what happened in Perak and the current developments in Selangor.

By Jackson Ng (former journalist)

Blogger Khoo Kay Peng posted this on Dec 28:
“It seems to me that there are more hypocrites in Pakatan than Barisan. Remember ex-Pakatan MPs such as Wee Choo Keong, Zahrain, Tan Tee Beng and others? I believe these ex-Pakatan MPs had pledged their commitment to bring change to Malaysia when they offered themselves to the electorates in the last general elections.

They had criticized and deplored Barisan’s excesses, weaknesses and ills. What had happened to these MPs? They are now Barisan friendly.”

You are so right about so many PR hypocrites, especially those from PKR. But you’re also so wrong because the Barisan Nasional (BN) and BN-friendly hypocrites are growing as many as they leave PR.

These are disgraceful unprincipled politicians who are traitors to their electorates and are now flocking to “greener” pastures
in the BN turf. Good riddance.

So, you’re so wrong, Mr Khoo. The more frogs doing the hop, the better for PR to rid itself of devils for the next general

It makes no difference whether they leave now and bring down state governments or not because the PR is not in control of the federal government. PR’s powers and resources are therefore limited.

So, many are judging PR’s performance based on an uneven battlefield, just like what happened in Perak and the current developments in Selangor.

Hopefully, the rakyat will return in the next general election and use their ballots with vengeance against the oppressors,
power abusers and insincere leaders who know no shame and lack morals.

Only then is it fair to judge PR’s performance.

Khoo also wrote:
“What is left of the commitment to real change in these Barisan friendly MPs? Is Zaid willing to sacrifice his time, commitment and personal freedom to ensure that draconian acts such as ISA, OSA, PPA and others are repealed? Is Gobala willing to donate all his MP’s earning to the poor Indians and stand up against the real oppressor?

At least Barisan leaders and MPs do not conceal their real intention. From Najib to Chua Soi Lek, they had admitted publicly that the race based political model is here to stay at least for another 100 years. At least Najib did not hide the fact that he was willing to dangle the financial carrot to lure voters to vote for his party. He did not hide the fact that NEM is the new NEP.

Barisan government did not and will not apologize for Malay supremacy, ‘Allah’ ban, corruption e.g. PKFZ and a lack of action against it, alleged tempering and emasculation of public institutions, custodial deaths, abuse of power, lack of accountability, poor management of public funds etc.

Hence, are there more hypocrites in Pakatan than Barisan?”

Here again, I beg to differ.

The BN leaders can say and do anything and get away with murder (pun intended).

Admitting is easy because they fear no one and no law.
Admitting two wrongs do not make it right.