Who Is The REAL Enemy?

Who is gloating gleefully as some bicker and bash each other in cyberspace? Who is grinning to see how some Pakatan Rakyat supporters are losing steam? Who is floating around blissfully to see the emergence of MCLM and the negative reactions as expressed by various writers?

More importantly, who is the REAL enemy? What are the REAL issues that we should be discussing wholeheartedly?

We have to be on guard at this point of time to ensure that NONE of us lose sight of the MOST important mission – to establish a new government in the next election. Is it a foolish dream?

Ironically, a veneer of democracy coats the quarrels, disagreements and conflicts that are characteristic of Pakatan politics. Differences must be resolved amicably and not blown out of proportion. Let’s face it – the aura of the March 2008 victory is fast diminishing with waning support for Pakatan Rakyat making it timely for BN to announce the next GE. However, we must remember that without any change in the Malaysian political terrain, things can never improve as long as the rot is allowed to continue.

How then do we balance our hopes and expectations for this nation the political reality before us? Balance can only exist if the electorate are brave enough to elect morally upright leaders. As it stands, are we all locked in some kind of trance that blinds us from seeing who is the real enemy?

Why then are soldiers from the same side attacking each other?

Many of us have fallen prey to media manipulation and a foolproof strategy masterminded by professionals that began the day after the March 2008 tsunami.

Did the Opposition allow success to go their heads? I believe that while they were feasting and gloating over their successes and holding victory dinners to celebrate their victory, the other side had already set their machinery in motion to ensure that they win BIG TIME in the next GE.

Let’s consider a few issues.

1. Who is in control?

a) Technically, the Opposition is in control in some West Malaysian states but far too often, we have forgotten that the ones who call the shots are the Federal government and they are at liberty to throw spanner into their works at their whims and fancy!

This fact is often used as an excuse to justify why PR is unable to make much headway in their governance with the exception of the Penang State government which has circulated its record of achievement. But is this an acceptable excuse?

I am not bashing PR but am highlighting some concerns with the hope that the parties concerned can take remedial steps to arrest the situation which is spiralling downwards. If uncontrolled, it is a definite recipe for failure in the next GE for PR.

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