More Hypocrites in Pakatan Compared to Barisan?

Khoo Kay Peng

It seems to me that there are more hypocrites in Pakatan than Barisan. Remember ex-Pakatan MPs such as Wee Choo Keong, Zahrain, Tan Tee Beng and others? I believe these ex-Pakatan MPs had pledged their commitment to bring change to Malaysia when they offered themselves to the electorates in the last general elections.

They had criticized and deplored Barisan’s excesses, weaknesses and ills. What had happened to these MPs? They are now Barisan friendly.

Remember another ex-PKR leader, Zaid Ibrahim? He did something honourable when he resigned as a minister to protest against the use of ISA against politicians and reporters. He had resigned from PKR after he was edged out from the party deputy president race.

Now, there is another PKR leader, N. Gobalakrishnan, who attacks his party for neglecting the Indian community and alleged that the community is suffering worse compared to during Barisan rule. Gobala was angry because another greenhorn politician/lawyer, Surendran, was appointed Vice President of PKR and not him.

The main problem with the ex and some current Pakatan leaders is a lack of sincerity in their struggle. Great leaders who had fought for a true freedom and liberation of their community and nation did not quarrel over political position or self interest.

Nelson Mandela did not fight against apartheid hoping to be made a president. Mahatma Gandhi did not oppose the British colonial power because he wanted to become a prime minister. Aung San Sukyi did not lead a democracy movement against the junta because she wanted to become a head of government. These leaders wanted to strive for something genuine – real democracy & justice – for their people.

What is left of the commitment to real change in these Barisan friendly MPs? Is Zaid willing to sacrifice his time, commitment and personal freedom to ensure that draconian acts such as ISA, OSA, PPA and others are repealed? Is Gobala willing to donate all his MP’s earning to the poor Indians and stand up against the real oppressor?

At least Barisan leaders and MPs do not conceal their real intention. From Najib to Chua Soi Lek, they had admitted publicly that the race based political model is here to stay at least for another 100 years. At least Najib did not hide the fact that he was willing to dangle the financial carrot to lure voters to vote for his party. He did not hide the fact that NEM isthe new NEP.