GM Mosquitoes: No Trespassing

No taxation without representation; no experiment without consent. If the government wants to go ahead with this action; our consent must be sought.

By Pahlawan Volunteers

On releasing GM mosquitoes in Bentong and Alor Gajah:

Malaysia does not belong to those in government alone – my home is not your lab. I have title rights to the square feet that I own and is protected by the Constitution of Malaysia. Before anything so major; risks so unknown;  the citizens’ consent must be sought –otherwise it is trespassing on my property when the government release any foreign element — living or otherwise into my home ground.

To those who are responsible for this action; tell us whether they will be responsible for life for any possible adverse risks and consequences arising from this exercise? How can I and my family be protected from this risks? What about your grandchildren and their children?

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