Doing the right thing!

  1. Last night I spent a few hours at Selangor Assembly Hall listening to Haris Ibrahim and few other individuals. The event was well covered in the media that I don’t really need to regurgitate much about it. Suffice to say that Haris Ibrahim did a splendid job in giving his presentation about MCLM and also addressing the Q&A from the crowd. He deserves a bigger audience. I feel he deserved a primetime TV slot.

  2. Andrew of MOV and a young student local university leader Shazni Munir was well received by the crowd. If measures by level of applause he even beat the rest with his straight talk and idealistic proposition and why he support the MCLM. Malik Imtiaz certainly impressed me with his center approach which focus on the people and emphasized repeatedly that he is not into name calling. He made it clear that he supports whatever that his conscience says that is good for the people. I read it clearly that means that even if the proposition came from BN and it is good for the people he will support it. That is a sign of a responsible candidate.

  3. Despite what is being said and the noble intentions, the aspiring candidates and MCLM committee must accept and appreciate that the playing field in each constituency varies with demographic and the needs of the community. While the civil liberties are important in an educated segment in any constituency, we must accept that this is largely a minority group. The rest of the people judge the candidate based on what they hear about the candidate. The Malaysian public is so use to voting familiar logos. Independent candidate without logos will face a mountainous challenge.

  4. For e.g. loyal BN supporters despite agreeing to the need to have quality candidates will not vote someone that is considered as pro Anwar. A strong minded religious person may also not vote such candidates if they find some religious flaws with the candidate. Haris has addressed the issue when he mentioned about profiling and matching of candidates. Historical records shows that in Malaysian elections, all independent candidates lost their contest and I suspect they also lost their deposits. Will it be different this time around?