MCLM a Radical Revolution

MCLM is generating a lot of hype from both sides of the political divide, the movement was launched by RPK recently and funded by overseas Malaysians from London, draws similarity to the time of Sun Yat Sen the Chinese Revolutionary Leader and the founding father of the Republic of China and also known as the Father of Modern China who succeeded in overthrowing the all-powerful evil Imperial rule of the Ching dynasty in 1911.
Sun Yat Sen like RPK was in self-exile for fear of being incarcerated by the Imperial army, Sun made the Island of Penang in Malaya one of his base and raised millions from Overseas Chinese all over the world, Sun travelled as far as to the Hawaii and to San Francisco and even up north to Canada rallying support and funds. Sun Yat Sen survived an assassination attempt and was rescued through the British Foreign Office, becoming a Hero whilst in London.
Sun’s foresight in tapping the help and resources of the overseas Chinese population was to bear fruit on his subsequent revolutionary efforts. In one particular instance, his personal plea for financial aid at the Penang Conference held on 13 November 1910 in Malaya, helped launch a major drive for donations across the Malay Peninsula, an effort which helped finance the Second Guangzhou Uprising in 1911.
The role that overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia played during the 1911 Revolution was so significant that Sun recognized “Overseas Chinese as the Mother of the Revolution”.
In Penang, Malaysia, the Penang Philomatic Union which was founded by Sun, their premise at 65 Macalister Road has been preserved as the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum.
Sun Yat Sen was all over the world and travelled even to India, the old Chinatown in Calcutta, India has a prominent street by the name of Sun Yat Sen Street.
Mind you that Sun Yat Sen travelled the world in the early 19th Century where the mode of transport was by Sea and any trip overseas was slow, lengthy taking much time and effort. Sun was driven by sheer determination to see reform and greater freedom for the distressed and oppressed people of China under the evil Ching rule.
Sun Yat Sen was driven by the political philosophy known as the Three Principles of the People which is Nationalism, Democracy and People’s Economic Livelihood. Sun was a true Reformist who sought to transform China and fought against autocracy and oppression of the powerful Ching empire.

Sun Yat Sen formed his initial reform movement in Honolulu and later joined forces with “Huang Xing” (like Haris Ibrahim) a rebel leader based in Guangzhou to formed the “Revolutionary Alliance” in Tokyo in the year of 1905 which brought together several smaller groups under this umbrella that staged the Guangzhou uprising against the Imperial Army.

Sun is credited for the funding of the revolutions and for keeping the spirit of revolution alive, even after a series of failed uprisings. He successfully merged minor revolutionary groups to a single larger movement, providing a better base for all those who shared the same ideals.