New Outrage – Taking Care of My Son By Robbing My People!

By Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report has uncovered an explosive situation in Sri Aman, where we can reveal that the Chief Minister is in the very process of trying to sell off land which he gave free to his son, for a multi-million ringgit profit.

The 22,000 acres in question (8,800 hectares) is in Bijat Land District, Sungai Tisak.  It is established Native Customary Rights Land belonging to Ibans, according to Sadia the Iban rights group.  They say at least 15 communities will be affected by the acquisition of the land for oil palm plantation, however no warning has been given to these communities and no offer of compensation has been made.

Is this what the State Government means by “more aggressive conversion”

Local Iban people, who say that loggers moved into their area unannounced 4 months ago, have only just discovered the situation that is unfolding and they have reacted in fury.  No one has informed them who the loggers are and they did not know about the involvement of Taib’s son in plans to convert their area to oil palm!

One resident, who contacted Sarawak Report exclaimed ”Imagine they are going to make millions of ringgit and the Dayak suffer!”.  

The development comes just days after Minister James Masing on behalf of the State Government informed journalists that BN is planning a “more aggressive conversion” of Native Customary Rights Lands in Sarawak to oil palm plantation.  This, despite international condemnation of the destruction of the environment and the illegal abuse of the human rights of the Dayak.  If they win the next election BN plan to DOUBLE the area of oil palm to 2 million hectares by 2020.