Ibrahim Ali – A Man of Hate

What is so ‘superior’ about a race which cannot compete on equal terms?

By Johan Brendon

Alas it is a fact of life that every now and then we get to hear hysterical ranting from some loud mouth extremists but this uncouth man by the name of Ibrahim Ali (President of Perkasa), is beginning to get on my tits, pardon my vernacular. And it has nothing to do with the fact that he is Malay.

As in all races, there are good and decent ones and there are ghastly and obnoxious ones. Ibrahim Ali is certainly in the latter category. This man is hateful, racist, vile and most of all, mentally subnormal. I know it is ill-mannered or unprofessional to get so personal in one’s criticism of a fellow human being but his absurd utterances have become insufferable. Hence, I own up and plea guilty as charged for resorting to his level in terms of the tone and language used. I hope the readers can at least empathise with the fact that there is a breaking point in each and every one of us which eventually makes us go ballistic. Indeed I am going ballistic and will therefore throw caution to the wind and be uncivil to this uncivilised man.

So let me begin with the mother of all insults. Ibrahim Ali is truly as stupid as he looks and it is hard to differentiate between his fat stunted face and a boiled fat potato. And yes, it does feel good to get that off my chest!

Having done so, we can now address the substance of my criticism. His silly and stupid remarks are not the problem per se; if he chooses to make a fool of himself, then it is his prerogative. My concern is that the racist propaganda that he obsessively espouses about Malay supremacy creates a heighten sense of chauvinistic and jingoistic pride amongst those gullible and illiterate Malays. Needless to say, in a country like Malaysia where the inhabitants are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic or multi-racial, it is like throwing petrol into a burning pyre. And where is the ISA when it is needed?

So, not only is it foolish of him to come up with such garbage, he seems to take pleasure in teasing and insulting the non-Malays with his divisive, racist and inflammatory diatribe. It just goes to show this so-called Muslim has no humanity, conscience and decency – thus he deserves every insult he gets. All that matters to him is Malay supremacy and power – come what may and at any price.

The odd thing is that, what is so ‘superior’ about a race which cannot compete on equal terms? It seems paradoxical to be ‘supreme’ and yet ‘inferior’. More importantly, does he not realise that if the Malaysian economy collapses as a result of Malay supremacy (amid corruption, cronyism, incompetence etc) rather than meritocracy, the poorest of the poor Malays will be the first ones to suffer. The Malay elites with their ill gotten gains will head straight to their luxury homes overseas. Perhaps, the likes of Chief Minister Taib Mahmud can enlighten him of such contingency – absconding abroad if Malaysia should become a fail state.

The May 13 (1969) riot is not something we should be proud of especially when so many innocent people were killed because of racialism. And yet, Ibrahim Ali wants to have a museum to ‘commemorate’ the bloody riot so as to “educate the young”. The logic of this moron is beyond comprehension.

If the people of all races in Malaysia are currently living in contentment – having equal opportunity and equal access to jobs, education and housing, then such a ‘reminder’ is a useful form of deterrent; that we should not return to the bad old days of racism. But for him to suggest a ‘commemoration’ of the May 13 riot while in the same breath, keep on harping about Malay supremacy, is a deliberate attempt on his part to be mischievous.

Perhaps, I have underestimated his intellect. My apologies, I will immediately retract the word ‘intellect’ because it would be an insult to those who posses it – ‘craftiness’ is more appropriate.

His hidden agenda may be that he wants to use the museum as a ‘threat’ to remind the non Malays that if they do not put up and shut up about equal rights, another May 13 event will ensue. How very shallow and transparent! Anyhow, I would like to conclude by proving that my low opinion of this man’s intelligence may have a basis. With the recent hoo-hah about the Wikileaks, Ibrahim Ali’s ‘astute’ riposte to the unfavourable remarks about Malaysia made by some Singapore Diplomats was, “I am convinced that they (Singapore) are really jealous of Malaysia”. I rest my case.