The Closet Gay and the XDPMILF Syndrome

By Pieter D’Cruz, Kelana Jaya

It didn’t surprise me one bit our neighbour’s intelligence services’ finding that Anwar Ibrahim “did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted”. It concurs with the finding of the Federal Court, dated 2 September, 2004, that Anwar Ibrahim did indeed engage in homosexual activities.

It is hard for the general public to accept the fact that Anwar is a homosexual because of his image as a pious Muslim and the circumstances of the charges against him. Most people can’t visualize how a 63-year old man (with a bad case of backache) could force himself on a 23-year old man. It boggles the mind so much so that it’s a lot easier to accept that the charges are part of the political conspiracy to destroy Anwar Ibrahim.

Perhaps, a change in perspective of the said homosexual activities could enlighten the general public. The dominant person needs not use force to rape his victims. He seduces them. Initially, he was not the giving end, he was the receiving end. He was the “queen”. Only later in the relationship would the roles be interchangeable.

The victims were very vulnerable to the dominant person’s advances because of his stature. It is a case of rape by a person of authority. Most of his victims are young men of low social standing such as his driver, his coffee-boy, etc. They were overwhelmed by the XDPMILF syndrome i.e. “eX-Deputy Prime Minister I Like to F**k” syndrome.

As a liberal, I don’t give a damn about a person’s sexual orientation. I don’t care a bit if my mechanic is gay, as long as he could repair my car. I don’t give a s**t if my golf-caddy is a lesbian, as long as she could perform the duties I paid her for.

But in the case of Anwar Ibrahim, it’s totally a different kettle of fish. This guy wants to be the Prime Minister and he may well be a closet gay. As a Prime Minister, he would be a victim of blackmail by foreign governments and we would suffer for that. Furthermore, he started his political career as an activist of political Islam and even now holds himself out to be a champion of moderate Islam. The hypocrisy stinks to high-heaven.

All this while he has been denying to the public that he indulges in homosexual activities, claiming it to be a fabricated lie. Do we want another liar as a Prime Minister?

And if Anwar Ibrahim is a closet gay, what’s there to prevent him from being a closet despot?