A Racist Agenda at Hospital Kuala Lumpur

By Sarom Tahir

The standard of care at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) is deplorable, to say the least. This is so in the Specialist Clinics. The doctors are quite indifferent, the nurses rude. A case of ‘should be Florence Nightingales’ turning into little Napoleans. Some of the nurses seem to be wielding more authority than the doctors.

The toilets are filthy and most certainly have not seen detergent or brush for a very long time. Toilet papers are a rare commodity and soap is not always available. Most often the toilets are not in working order.

A visit to HKL means a long wait. So you need to carry enough reading materials, water and some food. I even carry my laptop. Not counting whether you are a man or woman when you go to the toilet a hardy hook on the door is essential but is lacking. Juggling with all my ‘barang barang and trying to use these dirty toilets is no mean task.

But more disturbing is the removal of Indian staff particularly of doctors in the Specialist section. One after another two Senior Indian Specialists have been moved from this section and hospital. And there are strong rumours that the very few left will be moved soon.

Strangely, they have all been replaced by Chinese doctors. Soon this section will be predominantly Chinese. Is this a coincidence or a unseen hand promoting the MCA agenda? Please do not sacrifice good doctors for racist reasons.

For Quality not Race

I am sending a copy to our Prime Minister. If he is interested to know the doctors who have left and the ones who have been earmarked to be moved out I am more than willing to inform him.