Is this vote buying?

By Lee Wee Tak

The full text of the article is pasted below and open up the current deputy prime minister and potential prime minister for public scrutiny.

My 2 cents worth is:

1) it’s to hell with Najib’s/APCO’s 1Malaysia Rakyat Diutamakan Concept

2) the DPM has demonstrated his lack of intellectual capability by failing to note that all rakyat pay taxes hence going by his logic, people in opposition area should not be paying taxes too

3) he is openly and publicly admitting that he is ignoring his duty as the nation’s second top administrator by marginalising the people in opposition areas in which contains many malays as well. How to reconcile this with his membela nasib melayu stance?

4) is this a thinly veil vote buying threat? no vote no money? would MACC and SPR want to study this situation?

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