Autonomy – Utter NONSENSE!

  1. I am having a dual mind about writing this piece as several people reminded me to slow down and stop whacking PR. There are readers that say that I have personal vendetta against Azmin. Honestly I don’t. I write base on my own assessment on situation. Right now, it is without denial after the PKR polls fiasco my respect for Azmin has gone down rock bottom. With his latest statement about giving full autonomy to Sarawak, it shows how dangerous some politicians can be in trying to secure votes. I wonder who will give the promise to create a new settlement on the moon.

  2. The word autonomy means self ruled. It is a simple English word that carries a straight forward meaning which is basically the right to self governs. Isn’t Sarawak being ruled by Sarawakians at the moment? When politician’s starts making a political speech using big words that can sent a wrong message to the people, it begins to worry me. Is Azmin proposing that PKR or PR would provide the first step towards Sarawak separation from Malaysia?

  3. Slightly over 100 years ago we lost the Northern Malay states to the Thais. The whole northern peninsula now is known as Southern Thailand. The people are Malays and they have been fighting for independence. Over 50 years ago we lost Singapore after we got it back from the British. It was part of Johor in late 1800′s. We lost both the northern and southern region because of idiotic politicians that place their personal interest above the nation interest. And now are we setting the seeds of another separation. This really scares me.