Ketuanan Melayu Types are Worse than OKUs

By batsman 

Recently our great PM himself officiated an event on OKUs where some overdue political correctness was practiced. The definition for OKU was changed from Orang Kurang Upaya to Orang Kelainan Upaya.

This is because the OKUs themselves resent the old definition. They do not seek handouts or sympathy. They do not seek charity even if they desperately need it. Little goodie bags that VIPs are fond of giving out to them as public relations exercises on festive occasions are a real insult and a real disappointment to them. 

OKUs want to be self-reliant and want to be productive and want to contribute to national development. They want most of all to have some self-esteem and not be looked down upon as imperfect creatures that God has somehow forgotten. This is more than can be said for Ketuanan Melayu types. 

But I do not believe that God has forgotten the OKUs. It is man’s fault that they are being sidelined and looked upon with disdain, considered imperfect and considered parasites on society. It is man that disappoints God by forgetting his humanity and compassion and putting up road blocks and discrimination against the OKUs. 

Ketuanan Melayu types on the other hand do not suffer from any physical disabilities although some might question whether they have mental disabilities. Ketuanan Melayu types call others political prostitutes and use state power to bully selected individuals. Ketuanan Melayu types recommend to the government to use the ISA on selected individuals who dare to challenge and criticize them. This is because they themselves know that there is no fault in criticizing the evil that is Ketuanan Melayu and therefore they need to use oppressive state power and unjust laws to silence any criticism against them. Ketuanan Melayu types threaten May 13 against anyone who dare challenge them. 

Ketuanan Melayu types are also voracious and greedy. They demand 30% (often even more) from other people’s property without even having to work for it. This is worse than riba. This is daylight gangsterism. This is sinful and wrong. Am I wrong to say that they are worse than OKUs who wish only to have some self dignity and self-reliance and not be a burden on the rest of society? All OKUs ask is not to be discriminated against and for some facilities to allow them to rejoin the rest of society as equal partners in development. On the other hand Ketuanan Melayu types ask the government to support and feed them on a luxury scale, nay, make them millionaires with monopolies and fat contracts backed up by the power of bad laws. 

So Mr. PM. I need to ask you whether your NEM is going to give the OKUs a well deserved break as well as put the Ketuanan Melayu types to competitive and productive work? Will your SRIs remove bad laws and the massive Ketuanan Melayu toll collecting, rent demanding, property depriving, water stealing roadblocks than turn your accelerated fast driving highways into rivers of death and decay? 

Already more than 50% of Malays do not accept Ketuanan Melayu anymore. This is shown by their support for the PR. But although Ketuanan Melayu Malays are now a minority, they still represent a huge number of people. I daresay most of them are probably government employees and public servants and their families and most of them are probably employed in the PM’s department as well as RTM TV1. 

Are your SRIs going to change all of this and make sure the accelerated traffic flow along your super highways are not blocked by this massive drain on productivity which relies in handouts and subsidies? 

OK so you are slowly removing subsidies. Does this mean you are acknowledging that Ketuanan Melayu is a burden on development in Malaysia? But the subsidies are removed from ALL the rakyat not just the Ketuanan Melayu types. Is this fair if subsidies are removed from ALL the rakayat but handouts are still retained for the Ketuanan Melayu types? Will the rakyat forgive you for this unfairness in the 13th GE? 

OK so RPK claims that Indians and Chinese support Ketuanan Melayu. But his claim is based upon a statement made by the PPP – a component of the BN and which was sitting happily in your BN congress hearing your great speeches that your wife also greatly appreciates and fawns on you as a great leader who is able to make great speeches. 

So it may be that only a few Indians and Chinese support Ketuanan Melayu. I daresay these are the sharks and cut-throats waiting to pounce on any goodies and steal anything not nailed down from their own communities and Malays as well. These are the same cut-throats you warn Malays against and you say Malays cannot compete against. Yet they are sitting in the same BN congress as you as well as their friends the Ketuanan Melayu types. What is going on? 

Aisehman Mr. PM is your NEM building super highways or rivers of death and decay?