Taking 1Malaysia abroad

By Zuhrin Azam Ahmad, The Star

SPEAKERS who are well-versed with the 1Malaysia concept will be sent to Indonesia to enlighten Malaysian students who are “blur” about the idea.

“I agree that a seminar on the 1Malaysia concept should be held here, not just for Malaysians living in Jakarta but also those from other areas,” said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday.

“It is obviously important to provide them with the correct facts on the 1Malaysia concept since the feedback from the students showed it is still ‘alien’ to them,” he told newsmen after a meeting with 17 Malaysian student leaders here.

Muhyiddin said such a seminar was important after Malaysians, particularly the students, acknowledged that they were “still blur” about the concept.

“Although they support the concept, they requested that it be explained further,” he added.

In his dialogue with them, the students shared with the Deputy Prime Minister their ideas and grouses.

Muhyiddin, in turn, explained to them the Government’s ini­tiatives to ensure Malaysia con­tinued to enjoy a strong economy.

He said the Government would send speakers for the seminar, the date of which would be decided later.

Muhyiddin said the student leaders also told him that the Malaysian mainstream media “should not be too pro-Government” in their reporting.

They reasoned that this “insulted their intelligence”.

To that, Muhyiddin advised them to assess reports on online news portals.

“I explained to them that these portals are very clever in spinning stories,” he said.