Penang woos civil servants with RM6.25m payout

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani, The Malaysian Insider

PENANG, Dec 2 — The Penang government announced its second special financial assistance to the state’s civil servants as the country prepares for possible snap polls next year.

The announcement comes days after the federal government’s decision to allow pensioners to withdraw the RM500 special financial assistance.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the special financial assistance was awarded in recognition of the civil service’s commitment to the success of the state government’s policies.

“As a sign of the appreciation to the state civil service, the state government has proposed to provide a second special financial assistance as much as RM800 to all members of the public service, whereby RM500 is from the federal government and an additional RM300 from the state government.

“With RM500 for Hari Raya, this means that every member of the public service has received RM1,300 as a whole,” he said during an assembly with Penang civil servants this morning.

Lim added that the state government will spend RM6.25 million in rolling out the second special financial assistance package.

“The special financial assistance worth RM800 involves 3,153 state department officers with a financial implication of RM2.5 million. If we consider everybody including local authorities, statutory bodies and state agencies involving 7,812 officers, it will amount to RM6.25 million.

“The special financial assistance will be given to all public service officers in the Penang state administration including top management and its equivalent including officers with senior posts and special grades,” he said.