Article 153 equivalent to modern day Nazism & British catastrophe in perpetuity for Malaysians

By R. Shan (human being)

Whether we acknowledge it or not there is a similarity between Nazism and the practice against the Non-Malays for the last 53 years based on the ambiguity of Article 153.

Now, let’s look at Nazism. Naturally we can google up the whole history of this, that the whole world condemned it for a particular race to reign supreme on the ideology that they are a superior race to the rest. The practices outreached policies, methodologies and all possible ways to ensure that one race controls everything.    

The Nazi factor, as reasonably argued by this blogger, seems very obvious with the interpretation of Article 153. See

We all know that Nazism was where the great Adolf Hitler put forward political and economic doctrines from 1933 to 1945 including totalitarian principles in order for the Aryan race of Germans to achieve and assume racial superiority and supremacy. Now when you look at the statistics of Malaya after independence in 1957 to at least early 1980, the balance was there. Then came our great Dr Mahathir, a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler to ensure his artificial Ketuanan Melayu survives not so much for the betterment of the society but to ensure his legacy that promoted and encouraged cronyism, nepotism, corruption in the name of Ketuanan Melayu. To some extent the blame also lies on the Non-Malays as we were captivated with material needs. Dr Mahathir was the chief architect to ensure that the race supremacy ruled beyond humane needs.

Let’s look at it this way; if I as a Non-Malay can make some money and achieve material needs with this Ketuanan Melayu, why make a fuss? We can talk all we want but this is the reality that is practiced whether you like it or not. Dr Mahathir knew how to manipulate the people and ensure he is able to sustain the false Ketuanan Melayu; but today we feel the long term effects.

Ketuanan Melayu is an artificial phrase that has been conveniently used. I must say both factions of the political divide run their own agendas, but we the public can’t speak up only when it fits our own agenda.

As for the British, there are numerous written constitutions since independence from Britain, the longest being India and the shortest being USA. All constitutions written had never given preference to a superior race but accepting and treating all equally. Even the archaic constitution of Medina instituted a number of rights and responsibilities for the Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Christian and pagan communities of Medina bringing them within the fold of one community that we call Ummah. Amongst them was the security of God is equal for all groups, non-Muslim members have equal political and cultural rights as Muslims. They will have autonomy and freedom of religion, there is to be no animosity between the two.

So, what is this Article 153 and the purported Ketuanan Melayu about?

The freedom for an individual within a society or a nation to prosper and enhance his socio-development should never be hindered based on a supremacy of a religion or their so called Ketuanan Melayu but more so the natural cultures of the societies that live together.

The British, to appease the royalty to maintain their status quo to continue to reap the benefits of Malaya, accommodated to such an unprecedented and unheard of written constitution akin to what Hitler was doing implicitly. Funnily, Dr Mathathir was able to strip these royalties of their power and all who shouted about Ketuanan Rakyat just sat and accepted it in those crisis years of 1980 & 1990s.

Who are the actual stakeholders in Malaysia, the Ketuanan Melayu race itself, which in its existence and birth is not the actual Bumiputras and has encroached onto the heritage of these actual stake holders of the land in Malaysia? How do we deal with the natives? And today, you and I are native Malaysians as this is our country of birth and this land is where our aspirations lie.


Just got this email!!! Interesting. When non-Malays do their religious obligations, that is not tax-deductible unless the Church or temple has applied and obtained the approval for tax exemption, which they are normally very stringent with and is seldom approved. Even if they are approved, it is only 10% of your aggregate income. Now let’s look at Zakat. Zakat qualifies 100%.

So, is Article 153 as interpreted today equals to Nazism?