PR, Don’t be Defeated by a Mediocre Minister

By batsman 

I am greatly encouraged when PR MPs raised the issue of the bias and prejudice of RTM on behalf of BN in Parliament. However, if I am not wrong, it seems they may be defeated by plain brazen denials of a mediocre information minister who cannot tell ramblings of crazies on the internet from good opinions or information in the past.

I think it is now time to abandon the easy, cheap and nasty work of past opposition practices and go on to a more dogged, systematic and professional service that MPs must provide to their constituents. 

The EU seems to be targeting Microsoft and Google for their monopolistic tendencies. Even the simple practice of giving emphasis for paid advertisements in its searches is getting Google in the limelight. In any other circumstance this would be deemed fair, but with 90% control of the search market, such seemingly innocent practices can now no longer be tolerated. This is the level to which advanced nations are willing to go to achieve checks and balances. 

RTM on the other hand is 100% government controlled. Any party political bias or prejudice cannot be tolerated in the least. Unfortunately BN seems to think that by being in government it can take control of RTM for its party political purposes. This is equivalent of theft of government services, assets and property. This has to stop. This is even abandoning all existing checks and balances. 

If PR MPs cannot stop such outright theft and abuse of government services, then it will go on forever just as if all the people of Malaysia cannot or will not stop brazen and rampant corruption and abuse of power, then the corruption and daylight robbery will go on forever. All this has to stop. Malaysia cannot afford to continue to slide downhill any more. 

I submit that PR MPS must take the matter further – if necessary, do a systematic and proper study and then take the matter to the courts and then some more. The effort must not be defeated by mediocre ministers. If this is so, then PR MPS are even dumber than mediocre ministers. All this must stop. If PR wants to be the government, their best people must be better than the best BN can offer. 

I further suggest that PR takes RPK seriously. He seems to be the expert in throwing cats among the pigeons. He is even able to give the commenters in MT the impression that he is saying one thing while he means quite another just to test their aptitude once in a while. This makes him the expert in detecting slight nuances and bias as well as reading in between the lines. So PR MPs – please pay serious attention when RPK talks to you. Don’t treat him as an outsider. You adopt an arrogant attitude at your own cost!  

Treating RPK arrogantly while being defeated by a mediocre minister is seriously asking for trouble. It is the height of stupidity. heeheehee