Let’s give them books (and hope)

By Guan Sin

My dear friends,

Year end is coming and we are smelling festivity. 🙂  It’s a season to give.

Come Dec 5, I will be running Singapore Marathon (again) and I am taking the opportunity to raise funds for a social project group called Project Mari Kita Membaca (literally means “Let’s Read”), of which I am one of the members. Our aim is to empower local communities of the indigenous people of Peninsula Malaysia (“Orang Asli”) by building little community libraries for them. By doing so, we hope the children will have access to books that will bring lifelong positive impact to them. (The Orang Asli have been suffering silently for generations from over-development and government’s neglect and less-than-desired practices.)

I have run numerous marathons and one ultra marathon for almost 20 years. But “under 4 hours” for the 42km course in Malaysia/Singapore has been an unfulfilled dream for me. (I did make it once in London in 1994 when I was much much younger.) I have made that my goal this round. Please give me the support by making a pledge of donation from the options listed on the online form. You can pledge ‘leniently’ (just complete the 42km course) or with the performance condition (under 4hr). Both are equally welcome!

Just have fun and thank you very much. 🙂