Who The Best Candidate The Lead Selangor DAP?

By Shen Yee Aun

The beauty about DAP is that we got too many great leaders in the party. Sometimes is hard to decide who is a better choice to lead the party. But no matter what we still need to chose the best candidate among all.

Teresa Kok

Teresa Kok is actually a very good choice. She works well with most people. She a nice person and got the right experience to lead the party. But the only problem is that we are worry she is too busy as she easily holding more than 10 positions or task now. We needed a leader that got more time to lead the state because Selangor DAP must move forward to be the strongest party in Selangor. Most importantly in the next state election Selangor is 1 of those state in danger and we needed a person who got more time to face this battle.

Au Yong

He actually not a weak leader as most people belief. He is just a very nice and gentleman leader. We should respect his dedication to the party that before Mac 2008 where we are still the opposition he is still there loyal and sincere to lead DAP Selangor at such a young age. The only problem with Au Yong is that although he is among the most upcoming potential leader to lead Selangor but not this round. But I belief in the future he will be a great leader to lead Selangor. He needed more time grow and stabilize himself.

Ronnie Liu

As bad as people want to think about Ronnie Liu they can but in reality Ronnie Liu is 1 of the greatest person I ever known in my life. I belief many things that happen to him today is maybe just the public perception and it do not reflect the truth or reality sometimes. Perhaps he is just 1 of those good politician that is lacking by luck. He is actually very capable to lead the state but in politics sometimes public perception is very important. Even if it do not reflect the truth and reality but DAP cannot afford to risk the party image.

Tony Pua

He seem to be a national hero now. Although he cannot work well with the local veteran and members because of his egoistic personality and also although he fail to handle both Rocket Publication and Rocket Café well.  Although some belief he will chop those people that do not listen to him. But he is still 1 of the DAP Star leader. He rise very fast and perform well. Because he is doing so well that we belief he will be next on the DAP National Leadership. That why we need him to go further than state level. We needed a leader that can focus in state.

Teng Chang Khim

The only problem with Teng Chang Khim is that people use to say he is a lone ranger. He never works with others and most importantly he don’t have the grassroot. But today this is no longer a problem. He seem to be working much well with different type of people in the party. He had a form a strong Rainbow Team that include the youth , professionals , lawyers , businessmen , corporate people , senator , MP , ADUN , women , local council , veteran , local leader and etc. His team of people reflect the true unity of DAP so that the state leadership will not be monopolize with just MP and ADUN.

The grassround this round is surely with him. To go for any war and battle and to face our enemy Barisan Nasional we needed a huge numbers of soldiers and Teng Chang Khim got the backing from the soldiers now. Comparing to most leader in Selangor now although they are a very great and capable war general but they are lacking of soldiers.

But DAP future and we needed a leader with huge amount of soldiers.  Teng already in Selangor for 4 term and 3 times as opposition leader. He had bring down 3 Menteri Besar in Selangor. He is also among the best speaker in DAP. And to achieve our vision for Malaysia Malaysian Teng manage to master all languages well.  Most leader still could not speak our national language well.  He is also the 1st none Malay speaker in Selangor 50 years of history.

So why not give him a chance ? Is not that we say he is better than other leader in Selangor. Or maybe I shall use the word he is a more suitable leader to face Barisan Nasional at the moment ?

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