The State of Malaysian Education

My heart sank when I read the report HERE about how a teacher, who is also a CHIEF INVIGILATOR, allegedly made racist remarks in front of some 180 students at a school examination hall in Lukut, near Port Dickson, on Wednesday morning. I pity the 180 SPM candidates who had to experience added trauma before they took a major public examination that would decide their fate in higher education. What on earth is wrong with the state of Malaysian education? What sort of example is this CHIEF Invigilator setting to others???

I am completely befuddled as to how ANYONE would have the audacity to publicly make such statements, especially one who has been given the responsibility of moulding the minds, intellect and behavior of students!!!

Have the authorities given any public statement about this ridiculous and shameful incident? I have yet to see one. If I have missed any relevant posting in response to this incident, please let me know.

Many of us are well aware of similar incidents that occurred of late, so shameful that I do not want to highlight them again. However, why is it that despite the wide and negative incidents about such racist behavior/utterances, there are still those who DARE to behave publicly in this way?

How can any role model make such statements for all and sundry? Are there OTHER such incidents which are unreported because the victims FEAR backlash from the authorities? What would be the effects of such consequences not just on the student population of that school but on society as a whole?

Obviously, racism is a learned trait. If those in higher positions of power or those in the limelight are brazen enough to call others ‘pendatang’ or ‘prostitute’ and other derogatory terms and to ask them to ‘leave’, others are likely to follow suit! This is especially true when little action has been taken to punish previous culprits!

When racism is ingrained in leaders, racist tendencies/behavior/utterances are likely to have far reaching consequences on followers or observers, both consciously and unconsciously.


  • What action has been taken against this teacher?
  • Was she taken to task by the school authorities and the Education Department?
  • Has she given a public apology to the students?
  • Has she been removed as an invigilator in that school?
  • Can you imagine what would have happened if it had been a teacher of another race making the same statement to a different group of students in a different type of school??? I am sure you know what I mean!