A Topsy Turvy Country

What is it about some of these Chinese and Indian converts of Islam who seem so eager to outdo some of the Malays in their fanaticism and nationalism? The mind boggles!

By Johan Brendon

As if things are not bad enough for the ‘Pendatang’, we have Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, a Chinese Muslim who is more Malay than the Malays except for his slant eyes and yellow luminous buttocks running amok. He takes upon himself of telling the ungrateful Chinese and Indians to go back to their “home land” for their audacity to question the ‘inalienable’ rights of the Malays. He reckons that these pendatang should shut up and be eternally grateful to the kind generosity of their Malay hosts.

The shocking thing is that this intolerant attitude comes not from an ignorant Malay extremist but from an ‘educated’ Chinese! What is it about some of these Chinese and Indian converts of Islam who seem so eager to outdo some of the Malays in their fanaticism and nationalism? The mind boggles!

Dr. Mahathir has made himself a multi-millionaire being a pseudo Malay. But unlike Dr. Mahathir who can, pigment wise, blend in neatly as Malay, Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah’s jaundiced skin will alas always betray his Chinese origin. This may account for Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah’s vicious racial diatribes aimed at the non-Malays to compensate for his failure to be a fully paid member of the Malay race.

And he probably believes that the viler he gets, the bigger the reward from his puppet masters. But no matter how much he would like to disown his ethnicity, he would be wise to look at the mirror before he starts insulting the Chinese. And out of curiosity, where on earth did Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah get his doctorate? Based on his shallow and one-dimensional reasoning, it does make one wonder how he managed to obtain his PhD or about the veracity of his PhD.

Racial abuse from some Malay extremists with half a brain cell are understandable but what is incomprehensible and unforgivable is that – a Head teacher such as the one from SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra who holds a responsible position is capable of denigrating her own non-Malay pupils during school assembly. Now, what kind of role model is she to her school pupils and more importantly, her own children? Besides the neglect in her duty of care – where is her human decency?

What is even more shameful is the complacency of the Deputy Prime Minister who is also the Education Minister who sees no evil, hears no evil, in spite of the serious breach of trust from one of his Head teachers. It seems vilification of the non-Malays is chic amongst those in authority. The recent disparaging remark of the Defence Minister about the lack of patriotism of the non-Malays is both insulting and shameful. If only he knew of the sacrifices made by the Indian and Chinese soldiers during the Second World War, he would not have been so flippant. He is either very stupid or a racist or both. God help us if Malaysia has to go to war.

If Civil servants and Cabinet members can say nasty things about the non-Malays with impunity, the future is surely bleak for all Malaysians. Sadly, their appalling behaviours is only the tip of the iceberg of woes that are currently afflicting Malaysia. The unbelievable tales such as corruption, wastage, incompetence, unlawful killings, burning of churches, Kangaroo court, free Disney holiday (for a few), ISA detentions and sycophancy are endless.

The adage, ‘fact is stranger than fiction’ truly applies to Malaysia. It is about time the Prime Minister gets a grip and put an end to the farce that is besmirching the image of Malaysia. Ironically, the Prime Minister himself is mired in controversy due to his alleged involvement in the murder of a Mongolian national and dubious purchase of dodgy submarines. Indeed, what a topsy turvy country!