Najib open to ‘Third Force’ joining BN

(Bernama) – Najib Razak said today the emergence of the so-called ‘Third Force’ shows dissatisfaction with the PKR leadership.

“Whether they remain a third force (within PKR) or leave to join the party Zaid (Ibrahim) wants to form or enter Umno … it all stamps from the crisis gripping the party (PKR),” the prime minister told reporters after opening the MAHA 2010 exhibition here.

Najib was asked to comment on the statement of PKR deputy president senator Dr Syed Husin Ali that the existence of the ‘Third Force’ could make it difficult for Pakatan Rakyat to win big in the next general election.

Opening the Angkatan Women and Youth Congress yesterday, he said the group should be handled wisely and could not be taken lightly.

Asked whether Barisan Nasional and Umno were prepared to accept the group, Najib said they were always open.

“They can become associate members, affiliate members (of BN) and so on. We are open and inclusive in our attitude to draw more people to Barisan and Umno,” he said.

He denied that Barisan was allowing direct membership because it was hard pressed to find second line leaders.

“No, we are not hard pressed. What it means is that BN is changing with the times… and this is important. We cannot stick to old procedures and structures when the political environment has changed.

Asked if the ‘Third Force’ would change and support BN, Najib said: “I don’t know yet, it depends … we will see how it develops but this is the result of loss of confidence among the PKR members.”