Taking the Good Lord for a ride (UPDATED with Chinese Translation)

A couple of months back Malaysia Today showed pictures of A-G Gani Patail with Shahidan. In case you still have doubts, Malaysia Today will now show you how close they really are. They are so close that they deem it fit to seek atonement and go to God’s house in Mecca together


Deep Throat Bukit Aman

RPK has always said that Malays are the worst lot of Muslims in the world. They take bribes, cheat, commit criminal breach of trust, plunder the nation’s wealth, and much more. They also rape, murder and even blow dead people up with military grade explosives.

And after doing all these evil deeds, they purport to repent and put on a public show of visiting God’s house in Mecca to seek forgiveness.

Yes, that is what they do. And they think that all their sins can be cleansed and that God will forgive them by that single act of being seen to be performing the Haj. I suppose it is that easy to take the Good Lord for a ride.

If you think it was bad enough that the former Chief Justice, Eusof Chin, and his wife, went on holidays with Lawyer VK Linggam. If you think it was revolting to see a picture of the arms of Correct, Correct, Correct Linggam on the shoulders of Eusof Chin while on holidays in New Zealand. Then you haven’t seen it all.

That indiscretion was good enough to warrant a Royal Commission of Enquiry to investigate the manipulations of Linggam in the appointments to the judiciary.

Malaysia Today has posted Parts 1 to 10 on the plundering of MAS, which resulted in a multi-billion hole in its fortunes. Malaysia Today has exposed that in the end it was the Director of the CCID, Dato’ Ramli Yusuff, and his lawyer, Rosli Dahlan, who were charged for relentlessly pursuing the case against MAS’s former Chairman, Tajuddin Ramli.

Until today Tajudin remains a free and wealthy man living in his ranch called Al Raudhah or The Garden of Heaven.

Malaysia Today has unravelled the link between Tajudin and A-G Gani Patail through the smooth operator who goes by the name of Shahidan Shafie.  Malaysia Today has provided the link between Shahidan’s adopted sister, Rizana Daud, who is married to Bistamam Ramli, Tajudin’s brother. Malaysia Today has also provided the background of Shahidan — an ex-policeman who was charged for corruption in Johor Bahru.

Yet, today, he is the best of friends with A-G Gani Patail.

They say you must know how to choose your friends. Shahidan certainly does. What better friend can you have today in Malaysia, if you are a wheeler-dealer and underworld operator, than the Attorney General?

But then again with A-G Gani Patail he can be the best of friends with the highest bidder. He sells himself to whomsoever can satisfy his lust for money, money and more money. So that is what binds A-G Gani to corrupted former policeman Shahidan Shafiee, the riches that is thrown his way.

A couple of months back Malaysia Today showed pictures of A-G Gani Patail with Shahidan. In case you still have doubts, Malaysia Today will now show you how close they really are. They are so close that they deem it fit to seek atonement and go to God’s house in Mecca together. Or is this just another camouflage for the shenanigans that they are about to commit?

In this day and age, even a Holy place is not too sacred to hide deals that they are about to cut.

Did RPK not tell you that all the government agencies in Malaysia report to him? Now see this Tabung Haji list of Haj for this year.

Yes, A-G Gani, his wife, his son, and Shahidan, have gone for Haj together as a family. Right now, they are about to complete their Tawaf Wida’. This scumbag of an A-G knows no bounds. He will use his family as a camouflage for the evil things he does, even in the Holy Land.

In case you are still confused, let me explain this Haj list package as follows:

a) Kod Pakej PZ2 is the Zamrud package of 2 persons to a room;

b) The number 096 is the joint booking number. So Shahidan paid for the A-G and his family’s Haj trip;

c) The numerals 01-03 is the room arrangement.

So the A-G stays in one room with his wife and the A-G’s son, Faezul Adzra, stays in the other room with Shahidan. They are certainly family!

By the way, to ensure that he is safe after he retires, A-G Gani makes his son a Federal Counsel in the A-G Chambers. Talking about building a dynasty and taking care of his backside. And A-G Gani Patail is teaching his young government lawyer son that it is kosher to consort with criminals and wheeler-dealers so long as it is done secretly.

This scumbag A-G did not factor in that Malaysia Today will always find out his dirty deals.

Shahidan Shafie may think he is smoother than VK Linggam. But nothing escapes Malaysia Today.

Stay tuned and Malaysia Today will make more exposes on this scumbag A-G until a Royal Commission is set up to investigate the accusations that Datuk Mat Zain bin Ibrahim, the former Kuala Lumpur Officer-in-Charge of Criminal Investigations (KL OCCI), had said about A-G Gani Patail being protected by the MACC:

“It only shows that MACC and the Chambers are prepared even to go to the extent of affirming false affidavit to screen Gani Patail from legal punishment.”

I wonder whether they managed to con God into forgiving their sins. Maybe the infamous Perak Mufti can come out with a fatwah as to whether if you go for your Haj with dirty money your Haj will be Haj Mabruh or Haj Malboro.


Translated into Chinese at: http://ccliew.blogspot.com/2010/12/blog-post_05.html