Bravo Sir

By Hakim Joe

“DSAI, might as well just become the party dictator and choose your personal cronies as you like without having to go through the joke of staging party elections.”

For those who were disillusioned by the Umno tactics employed by former Umno members in the recent PKR branch elections, this is a good time to join another party, albeit presided by yet another former Umno member. 

Confused? Welcome to Malaysian politics 101. 

Firstly, this is definitely not the Third Force nor does this new group assume to be it. Registration as a political party shall be a breeze as BN will relish the fact that this could be utilized to eventually split the Pakatan vote in the upcoming general elections and to create havoc within the Pakatan alliance, assuming the fact that it has not been already exclusively accomplished by the blatant prejudice and vote-rigging in the recent PKR party elections by those in the position that is capable of doing so (and yes, I mean you, Molly Cheah) for the benefit of their unholy masters. 

To judge it as an extreme travesty is like suggesting Hitler is the actual Savior-Reincarnate and that the Holocaust was merely a figment of one’s madcap imagination. The alphabets PKR is supposed to mean Parti Keadilan Rakyat or translated into English, the People’s Justice Party. However any “justice” or impartiality that was once inherent within the ranks of the party had gone to the dogs judging by the manner in which the branch elections were conducted and how the PKR Elections Committee (with its pathetic Chair-Dog) took this opportunity to position those loyal to her masters into key positions within the party hierarchy. 

Woe befalls those that do not demonstrate utter loyalty to DSAI and his Singaporean-born crony AA. These member-candidates had better win their branch elections by a really huge vote or else the recount will be manipulated in such a manner that the eventual result will favor those who have shown allegiance to the two party kingpins. For those of the opposition camp that demanded a recount (in the event that these cronies won after the first count), you can bet that this (the recount) will not be happening any time soon within their lifespan and any pressure to stage a recount later (after the ballot boxes have been resealed) will result in these ballot boxes going “missing for good” as illustrated in the Pandan branch PKR elections. No ballot boxes mean no recount – End of Story. 

To say that PKR is behaving exactly like Umno is not far off the truth. Hell, in fact it is as good as the truth itself. The black eye episode is but a mere distant bad memory now and definitely long forgotten. Reformasi is but a war cry that is whimpered quietly prior to an election but never really practiced within its ranks or staunchly subscribed by its leaders. It is all about positioning one self within the party so as to command and dictate how the party is ultimately manipulated for one’s benefits. It is all about politics and never about the Rakyat. 

Now, we have this fellow who had broken ranks with PKR and has set up his own party. Is this an ideal thing to do knowing the fact that the next general elections is just around the corner and will probably split the Opposition vote? Wouldn’t it had been better if this fella join either PAS or DAP instead (assuming that either PAS or DAP will have him)? This will remain one of the unanswered questions but it is wishful thinking indeed believing that either PAS or DAP is capable of controlling such a high profile and feisty personality or that they are willing to disrupt the Pakatan alliance by accepting him into the respective political parties. 

In actual fact, there is not much this fella is capable of doing except to form his own party or to leave Malaysian politics altogether. He could of course stay and subject himself to exactly the kind of treatment Umno is dishing out to the Opposition parties, or he could leave, and that is exactly what he has done.  

Bravo, Sir. You can expect my membership application form on your desk once you decide to enroll members into this party. I do not know just how this new party will be governed but I believe that it will not be as “Ke-Tak-Adilan” as PKR.