PKR is Fighting for its Life

By batsman 

Don’t forget that UMNO itself was once de-registered. Through an unhappy series of events, it would seem that PKR is now being maneuvered and maneuvering itself into de-registration. Demonstrations by PKR members voicing out their grievances have been followed by demonstrations of black ops thugs and some duped or turned PKR members with no greater intention than to smear the name of the party. Calls by party members to re-organize its elections have been followed by courts cases to stop its elections.

Party elections are extremely important and if proven fraudulent can lead to de-registration. Obviously black ops and dirty tricks are in progress to maneuver the party into this corner and some PKR party members are happily and obliviously following the piper. 

In fact PKR seems to be split into obsessed camps focused completely on opposing each other and calling each other names. What is going on in the rest of the world is being ignored and forgotten. Some PKR members even seem to be blind to the black ops going on all around them. There are problematic people on both sides of the great PKR divide. Given this unhappy situation, can the PKR survive? 

Is it not about time for PKR members to re-group around the party and work towards making the elections fair without calling each other names even if there have been some mistakes made? After all there is always the next round of elections to ensure that all shortcomings are corrected once and for all. 

It is the same with General Elections. People get obsessed with the 13th GE as if it is going to be a make or break situation. No doubt it is important, but there is always the next GE after that. I think people have to take a long term view about elections rather than a short term view. People have to think about a series of General Elections rather than just the 13th GE – as if there is no future after the 13th GE. 

However, if the party is de-registered, there will not be the next round of elections. It is not as if a PKR Baru can be registered to take up the slack with any great ease. 

An even greater tragedy seems to be happening in Malaysia. Malaysia is fighting for its life. When Najib made the call to UMNO buck up on its ability to tell the people about its good deeds, its was actually just one or two government broadcasting services that picked up on this call even more than private TV broadcasting services owned by UMNO. It is a win-win situation for UMNO since its own broadcasting stations do not have to dip into the cess pool of openly slanted reporting and thus start losing revenue like its print counterpart while public government owned stations absorb all the stink. 

It would seem that government assets and services are even more clearly and obviously hijacked and stolen by UMNO through a partisan civil service. UMNO now does not even have to foot a sen to get all these services reporting on its behalf and promoting its cause. It is not at all surprising that the PAS state government in Kedah banned some TV as well as print media from reporting on proceedings in the state assembly. The biased reporting and slanted analysis has become so bad as to warrant a ban. 

In a sense it is also a reflection that the contradictions in the country have become very acute. The problem is that some component parties in the PR have become blind, demoralized and inert at precisely this critical moment. 

It is understandable if media such as UMNO owned print media receives opprobrium for completely slanted reporting, but then UMNO owns these assets. When government assets are hijacked and stolen by UMNO and used to slant reporting in its favour, UMNO does not even have to pay out a single sen.  This is like stealing public assets and services and it is plain and obvious to any listener, reader or TV addict. 

No doubt such theft have been going on for some time now, but it would be a great mistake to take a long term view in this case because there is likely no next round. Malaysia is being bankrupted and turned into a failed state through outright theft of public assets and complete corruption of public services. 

Malaysia is fighting for its life just as PKR is fighting for its life. The problem is – are Malaysians just as blind, demoralized and inert as PKR members?