Foochow body tells Dr Mahathir not to contradict 1Malaysia

(Borneo Post) – MIRI: The Federation of Foochow Associations of Malaysia has urged former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to stop making public statements that contradict the 1Malaysia concept.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

This is a resolution adopted at the 29th delegates’ conference 2010 yesterday as the federation feared that the bold views of Dr Mahathir might cause misunderstanding among the people.

“Malaysians might misinterpret that Dr Mahathir did not see eye to eye with the present leadership,” it said.

The conference also resolved to call for legal action against any individuals, who unreasonably opposed the 1Malaysia concept. The rationale of this call is to preserve social harmony and enhance national integrity.

Like some Chinese community-based organisations (CBOs) have done, the federation called on the government to recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) as a measure to avoid brain drain.

A resolution pointed out that the government should also recognise higher learning qualifications of selected universities or tertiary institutions abroad particularly those having met the international standard.

It regretted that many qualifications obtained from mainland China and Taiwan are not recognised by Malaysia.

“It is not expected that the government recognises all universities but at least those of international standard should be acknowledged.”

The resolution added that Malaysia would be able to attract more quality and well-trained personnel for nation-building if the government managed to address such need.

Among other things, the federation stressed that the government must be determined in fighting corruption to better position the country.

It felt that the government should initiate the necessary amendment to the Internal Security Act (ISA) to contain damages done to the country other than those on racial harmony and religious tolerance.

Last but not least, the federation said the country’s law pertaining to publishing and publication had to be amended for press freedom nationwide.

It added that the mainstream media had to play a monitoring role as far as political development was concerned, besides being granted the freedom to report the truth.