Unethical journalism and a blatant lie by Joceline Tan

We refer to the analysis entitled “End of the road or a new beginning?” published in the Star dated 20 November 2010.

Based on what Joceline has written, it is glaringly clear that Joceline is an unethical journalist who writes for the sake of spinning instead of on real facts. Her analysis has been time after time riddled with twisted facts and outright lies, obtained from unreliable sources or she herself spins them with ulterior agenda.

For the record, Joceline has never been to Datuk Zaid’s house and we are baffled with her make believe & superstitious comments about the layout and renovation works at his house. Joceline seems to be pretty obsessed with Datuk Zaid and will do anything to fabricate and convince her readers.

We therefore would like to clarify on  points raised in her `analysis’ as we are the closest associates for Datuk Zaid Ibrahim. 

We had informed the media on Thursday 18 November at 9.15 am that Datuk Zaid decided to call off the scheduled press conference on Friday, Nov 20 due to an emergency. However after Anwar Ibrahim issued a press statement that is full of lies and deceit, he decided to answer those allegations as he felt that it was of paramount importance that the truth be told. We then decided to resend confirmation to the media on Thursday, 18 Nov at 3.15 pm informing the press conference will take place as originally scheduled so the question of not following the script as claimed by Joceline does not arise.

We are extremely perplexed with Joceline’s statement that there was a script and Datuk Zaid did not go with the script. A press statement as usual was distributed to the reporters that included all of the items Joceline mentioned in her analysis and her accusation that it was actually meant to be otherwise is a total fabrication. Even those questions asked by reporters and answered by Datuk Zaid in details are all in tandem with the statement issued. Joceline’s statement with regards to Datuk Zaid taking political sabbatical and for him to stop demonizing Anwar is another blatant lie and her ignorance to differentiate between a sabbatical and giving a three-week resignation notice is simply appalling.

We also would like to throw Joceline a challenge to name the so called close associates of  Datuk Zaid who had divulge these comments to her.  Since you have not been in touch with either one of us as well as Datuk Zaid himself for any clarification whatsoever, we are dumbfounded by your analysis which is nothing but a lie.

In her many subsequent statements, Joceline continues to mention that comments are made or obtained from Datuk Zaid’s associates. The real truth we reckon is that she is expressing her own opinion but by using other `sources’, Joceline would be able to save her skin. Joceline should just come out from the closet and stop being a coward to upkeep the ethics of good and fair journalism rather than being unethical and lopsided in her articles which coincidently favors Anwar.

Datuk Zaid is not a one-man demolition team as Joceline claims, as he speaks for thousands of frustrated and disillusioned PKR members throughout the country and mind you the numbers are growing daily. Let’s go back to the core of the issue. The party election is riddled with manipulation and vote rigging beyond imagination and it mirrors similar problems faced by the general public and Opposition alliance in the General Elections. Manipulation and vote rigging is the highest crime in any election. In the case of PKR elections, it has been plagued with inconsistencies and fraud from day one that have been design at highest level to favor certain individuals. Many PKR division leaders, members and contestants have filed hundreds of reports to the CEC, but there has not been any concrete action. It is also questionable that CEC Chairman does not address these issues but rather been handled by the Secretary General.

Are you trying to tell your readers that you condone these disparaging acts which are now been sanctioned by PKR senior leaders? It is absolutely true that Datuk Zaid would have given a good fight in the party elections and possibly could have won on level playing field if there was no disturbance and direct intervention by Anwar, Azmin and a few leaders in urging members to vote for some identified contestants. Where is the democracy that the party is claiming to champion?

Datuk Zaid is a man of principles and would not allow himself  to be part of this dirty politics and his political record speaks for itself. It is very pathetic of Joceline to equate this PKR saga to a reality show on TV. It further indicates her shallowness in analyzing what is of great importance and beneficial that Malaysians have been denied for the past 52 years.

However, if Joceline still would like to believe that this saga is somewhat similar to a reality show then Anwar the Chameleon together with Joceline the Spinner is the real actor/ actress.

Lastly, we strongly urge that the Star management takes heed of this call for fair and ethical journalism & ensure that Joceline’s future articles or analysis on political issues are strictly scrutinized before publication. Please do not condone dirty political journalism.

Thank you,


Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

Rashid Azad Khan

Associates of Datuk Zaid Ibrahim