Namewee’s Kuantan show cancelled, Umno issues warning

(Bernama) – A show of the controversial rap singer Wee Meng Chee, better known as Namewee, at an entertainment centre here on Saturday has been cancelled following objections from many quarters.

The owner of the entertainment centre, who only wanted to be known as Wong, confirmed that the show would not be held and said there had been a misunderstanding.

He said the organiser of the show had approached him to rent the premises for an artiste of his and offered to pay a high rental.

He said he had not asked who the artiste was but found out that it was Namewee when a banner was hung up at the premises on Monday.

Soon after, he said, more than 30 non-governmental organisations in Pahang objected to the show by Namewee who had raised controversy for belittling the national anthem “Negaraku” over the Internet in 2007 and insulting a teacher and the Education Ministry more recently.

Wong said he was also advised by the police and the Kuantan Municipal Council to cancel the show.

A check by Bernama revealed that the entertainment centre had put up a banner announcing the cancellation of the show.

Meanwhile, in Temerloh, Pahang Umno Youth stated its strong objection to the show, saying it feared it could spark off undesirable incidents.

Its head, Abu Jimmi Samat, said there was nothing racial to the objection but it was raised because Namewee had hurt the feelings of the people before.

“We want an entertainer who has noble values and can serve as an idol for all races,” he said.