PKR polls: a tale of good intentions

PKR, wake up, just because people say bad things about you, doesn’t mean that they hate you or are trying to bring you down.

By Aizuddin Danian

You know, even in hindsight, it was a pretty good marketing gambit: PKR is walking the talk, we are the beacons of democracy in Malaysia, let’s hold free and fair party elections. Let’s give every one a vote to choose their leaders, from the top of the pyramid right down to the local party machinisms. What a great bunch of visionaries we are. 

Its all gone pear shaped since, unfortunately. Allegations of vote rigging, improper ballot handling and a nagging suspicion that the whole purpose of the elections was to reinforce the charade that PKR was “not UMNO”. In the perfect irony, the elections have shown everyone that PKR and UMNO are actually very much alike. From the heights of GE12 in 2008, the darling of the electorate every one expected to make further inroads in GE13 is not being spoken of in cautious tones. The turnaround is almost complete, and instead of GE13 being the litmus test of BN’s rule (as it should be), the people are now wondering instead if it would be better to use the next elections to show their displeasure at how poorly PR in general and PKR in particular have performed.
How the tide has changed.
A long time supporter, Raja Petra, is taking daily pot-shots at PKR, and Anwar in particular. His reasoning is, he helped create Anwar’s career, he certainly has the right to say something when he sees something he doesn’t agree with. He’s right. Do we begrudge our parents for scolding us when we make mistakes? Of course, we don’t. 
Not just Zaid Ibrahim, but other senior members of PKR’s hierarchy are telling the tale of two cities. The chairman of PKR’s disciplinary committee, Animah Ferrar, has called for the whole elections to be called off and redone. What a damning verdict on the impropriety only an insider can see. 

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