A Response to “So you want to Rumble, Let’s Rumble”

DSAI is only human and he makes mistakes too.

By GM, Penampang Sabah 

Dear Raja Petra, in your latest no holds barred article, you talked about the third force, The Peoples Declaration, and you also gave Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim much criticism. In the comments field you talked about how you have earned your right to criticize DSAI as well.

If I am not mistaken, DSAI won the post of President of UMNO Youth (name of the post back then, now Ketua Pemuda) against Datuk Suhaimi Kamaruddin by a razor thin 10 votes, you campaigned for DSAI. You were also very active in/headed the Free Anwar Ibrahim Campaign. You went through much hardship (ISA) because of the campaign (correct me if I’m wrong). In 2008 you were on the ground to ensure that the opposition coalition made an impact by campaigning for them with a lot of effort put in.

My opinion is that you have indeed earned your right to criticize DSAI. However, it does not look like criticism at all to me, regardless whether you curse or swear at DSAI, or maybe even call him names. With the pain and frustration that you have undertaken to support DSAI through the years, I see your criticism towards DSAI more like you are advising him. I am a very strong and die hard supporter of PKR, but I have a weakness. My weakness is that I am not able to vision PKR beyond DSAI.

I have to admit that I have always been pro-opposition, I was happy that DSAI was released from prison earlier than expected, I was happy that PAKATAN did very well in the 2008 GE, and I will be very happy if PAKATAN captures Putrajaya in the next GE, super happy if DSAI become Prime Minister.

I agree that DSAI does have weaknesses and that he had made a lot of mistakes. Terrible ones, especially the September 16th promise to take Putrajaya by crossovers. Based on information that I have heard, the September 16th attempt was really going to happen but it did not (thank God) due to pressure from top Pakatan leaders to not allow it. DSAI has also admitted that he had chosen many wrong candidates in the 2008 GE.

DSAI is only human and he makes mistakes too. He was advised to not proceed with the September 16th attempt. DSAI will not make decisions based on what he reads in the comments fields or maybe even the letters/emails that are being sent to him. We need political heavyweights to advice and guide DSAI in order for him to make decisions. Despite all this, we also need to give him a break as he does have other problems to handle currently, like his court case (sodomy 2), the Hindraf video footage shot outside his residence, and etc.

I have been on the ground to silently campaign for PAKATAN RAKYAT. Unfortunately, I am a very bad speaker. People tell me to get local issues in Sabah to be relevant in my cause instead of using your exposes of corruption as it is not relevant in Sabah (which I cannot understand why it isn’t relevant). I was also advised to join PKR, but every time I go to PKR HQ in Sabah, the office is closed. I contacted the PKR information Chief by SMS to ask for help in processing my membership and all he says is we will meet later. Maybe it’s my luck. I keep telling myself to be patient as they are busy with party elections.
It’s frustrating for me.

The internet is a very powerful tool. If I am not able to convince the rural people to choose PAKATAN instead of SAPP or the BN using oratory skills, maybe I can do so in writing and try to convince the urban and internet savvy potential voters. Why I say potential voters is because a huge number of young Sabahans have not registered as voters but are angry at the BN, yet they are divided to choose between SAPP and PAKATAN. Is this considered as being a third force?

I would like to thank you Raja Petra for posting all my letters to MT. Datuk Halik Zaman is doing very well on posting all his “on the ground campaigns” and “PKR membership registration” on Sabahkini.net and I urge that the same be done in Penampang by PKR. To unseat the current Penampang MP will be a mammoth task and we need to start now.

I am not sure whether I am contributing to the “third force” cause, but I hope I am.

Penampang Sabah