A Letter From An Orang Ulu

I don’t think it is necessary to change the culture of Culture and Tradition of Sarawak, what is necessary is to change the system within (governance) itself. Unless we will not change our attitude, this country will remain to be at the hands of opportunists, politician with self vested interests and robbers. What is happening in Sarawak, in my own view and what is happening in the state is not just a result of corrupt system and of poor managed government.

My Brothers & Sisters,

I am now on my ‘time-off’, back to my second home, Bintulu with my family for about two months. In fact, I am already recovered from ‘jet-lag’ two days ago, and nevertheless, not forgetting of the delays in my emails, which have have fallen behind for almost 9 days.

It’s great to be home again, with the weather, foods, friends, relatives, culture and driving on the left side of the road. I am planning to go back to my kampung in Telang Usan in couple of days and hope to catch up with the situations and get myself to well prepared for the upcoming state election.

Disgustingly, the Sarawak political system, from other countries has been tagged to be corrupt, hopelessness, vague and primitive since 29 years under the Barisan National government. Political system in this state of Sarawak is obviously unhealthy and people’s rights are abused single-handedly by ‘one evil man’. Social justice seems to be a far away dream. And the observance of the law seems ruthless.

It is a sad fact that Sarawak, although it has abundance in natural resources, vast area of lands, mighty rivers that could have placed abreast amount the world’s richest countries have remained cellar dweller as among the poorest.

The reason is another sad fact, political career in the country is a very lucrative business that engrossed a lot of “greedy-white devils” lead by the “Old-Goat Father Abdul Taib Mahmud” and they spend a fortune, pour and mobilized out his greed just to grab posts, then recover their expenses with gargantuan profits out of Dayak’s coffers and money spinning deals once elected. The end result, true welfare of Sarawak and its people for real leaps of progress does not happen, instead, the deplorable wealth these politicians amassed in just a few years becomes a common scenario.

As long as these traditional politicians in Barisan National reigns in power. As long as corruption is permitted by the top leadership and the political dynasty system continue to dominate, this country will continue to be buried under the ground. A country in misery, a country without hope, a country without future.

Hopes only prevail when we all Sarawakian decide and chooses a new and trust worthy leaders who struggle for our causes and who understands where we are at, this country Sarawak will have hope.

In a democratic society like in America and European countries, governance is always at the hands of the people. But, the state Barisan National lead by “Old-Goat Father Abdul Taib Mahmud” do not want us to know this facts about democracy, but continue to manipulate our minds to think, ‘without Barisan National’ there will be no hope of developments’, ‘maintaining stability and prosperity in the country’, ‘opposition cannot bring development to the people’,

The Barisan National lead by “Old-Goat Father Abdul Taib Mahmud” and their dirty policy is slowly, but surely changing our cultures towards supporting their greed, regardless of our strong cultural background. They change our land codes in order to support their family members, elites’ business empire, they change our traditions, cultures and corrupting our mindsets, to give us no choice but continually supporting them.

So why do Sarawakian keep silent? The simple answer is we have been taught by Barisan National on ‘education and fear’ and ‘education depending their lies’. Our entire system and way of life are based on producing a feudal society, where the “subjects” are ruled by the “overlords.”

The overlords are the politicians in power, start from those small “Mao Ze Tung” in the civil service, the timber tycoons who benefitted from the “award-negotiated timber licenses”, “family members on free-share contracts”.