80% of PKR members do not want Anwar as their leader

You say that Najib became a PM without mandate from the people? Then what do you call Anwar?

By Punchme Rant

Democracy is a political form of government in which governing power is derived from the people.

Derived from the people!

And how do the people determine which leader that they want?


Does it matter that the aspirant leader is young or is new in the party? Nah, democracy doesn’t care for all of that, what matter are the votes. You get the votes, you’ll become the leader.

So what do you call a party where the highest leader became the leader without any votes from members? Certainly not a party that practices democracy.

I’m telling you right now there are 80% of PKR members who do not want Anwar as their leader.

What? You think I just made that figure up? You think its bullshit? Ok then, let’s find out for sure. So how do we do that?
In the spirit of democracy, let’s vote! I’m telling you the PKR members will vote him out.

But how do you want to vote out someone that was never voted in? How to know whether the 80% figure is made up? So you mean even if there are 80% of PKR’s members that want Anwar out, they can’t do anything?

Ok so I want to be the ‘de facto’ leader for PKR, where do I sign up? What? Who am I? No reputation? Hello, did you read what I wrote up there? It doesn’t matter squat what you think, all I need is to get the votes.

Duh! The ‘de facto’ leader position is not open to ordinary members like me. In fact it’s not even open to anyone besides Anwar. I must be a moron to even ask.

You say that Najib became a PM without mandate from the people? Then what do you call Anwar?

If you became a leader through votes, you know that you are there because of the votes. The members know that too.  So if the leader screws up, members can only kick themselves as they are the one who voted the person in, and they’ll know better come the next election.

That’s what you call a democracy.

Yeah I can hear what you’re saying now. This man is an idiot!

How do you feel that, whenever you want to talk some sense to UMNO, they’ll dismiss you as pendatang and ask you to go balik India or China?

No intelligent debate, no mature discussion.

Ok how about this, how do you feel that, whenever you want to talk some sense to PKR, they’ll dismiss you as Trojan horse or power crazy and ask you to go and die with BN?

And what about washing dirty linen in public? Then what do you call Malaysia Today? It’s like the biggest laundry service in Malaysia. The thing is you only cheer when it is UMNO’s linen.

What do you say? Some things should be discussed only in private? For the sake of what? Unity? Sensitivity? The people are not mature enough to digest all the info? They’ll jump to conclusions based on their narrow thinking?

You mean like how UMNO treats racial & religious issues?

Ok now it’s the end of the day.

To the PKR supporter, of course all of this doesn’t matter. Transparency, integrity, democracy and all the other crap doesn’t matter. What matters is to kick BN out.

And to UMNO’s supporters, of course corruption, abuse of power doesn’t matter. What matters is to preserve ‘Ketuanan Melayu’.

What? My English is no good? That’s why you’ll just dismiss this letter and ask me to screw myself?

Yeah I thought so too.