An Ugly Reality–The Persecution of Christians in Malaysia

By The Anti-Jihadist

Under Malaysia’s modern, moderate, harmonious veneer is an ugly truth. What is *really* happening here is that a Muslim government and Muslim religious officials — acting with the state’s sanction — are viciously oppressing anyone who dares to question and/or leave Islam. The regular media even outside of Malaysia won’t touch this issue — Muslims have successfully put their ruthless religious persecution of ‘apostates’ and others beyond the pale and out of public scrutiny. Not that it would much matter to most Malaysians, who either approve their government’s religiously-based persecution, or couldn’t care less. 

But the Christian, American-based network CBN is not so easily cowed, and has filed this report on Malaysia’s deplorable treatment of people whose sole crime is wanting to no longer be Muslims.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Living as a Christian in a Muslim nation can carry severe risks and suffering.

CBN News traveled to Malaysia — a country that presents itself as a model for Islamic moderation, yet has many former Muslims who say they are persecuted after finding Christ.

A two-hour journey from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur revealed an isolated encampment where some Christian converts say they’ve been taken in order to be forced back to Islam.

The Malaysian government calls the facilities — retreat centers. Muslims willingly come there to strengthen their faith.

CBN News spoke to one Christian who wanted to remain anonymous, in fear he would be taken back to one of the “faith purification” facilities.

“They were clearly angry and they wanted to kill me, but they did not harm me physically,” he recalled. “I know of many others. They force you to recite Islamic prayers and the Koran, to do all the things you’re suppose to do as a Muslim.”

“They’re trying to force us to believe what we can’t believe,” the man continued. “These re-education centers come from the power of darkness.”

Read the rest if you have the stomach for it.

The outside world probably could not care one bit about any of this, and Malaysians — well, we are cowards or worse, we quietly applaud what our own ‘government’ does. And even if the fragmented opposition PKR took over — an unlikely event to say the least — would they do anything to stop this? You know the answer as well as I. 

Hey Najib, you claim to ‘champion moderation’ or ‘moderates‘ or some such nonsense. If you really believe what you say, then why don’t you shut down the religious prisons (“retreat centers”) that you have been operating in your own country for decades? Oh, of course not. After all, your own government taxes or steals the money from the people in your own land to fund such operations, don’t you? 

Najib and company are nothing more than hypocritical bullies. Shame on you Najib, shame on Malaysians, and shame on Malaysia!