I’ll Vote For BN

Gotcha!!! Sorry I lied, but I know that statement will burn your ass and you’ll sit up and read this because you want to know who that sweetheart is who said “I’ll vote for BN”. You see, I’ve been thinking about some heavy stuff lately and I need you to help me find some answers.

Don’t mind? OK, and to REALLY make myself listen to your advice, I’ll need you to pretend like you’re my personal shrink and I’m here to sort out some very messy thoughts and then you can advise me just like some smart-ass shrink I see in the movies. Can you do that? Good. So, let’s start…

Me: Hi Shrink!

You: Hi ST how have you been keeping lately?

Me: Not so good. Recently, I’ve been thinking of migrating to Australia with the family.

You: Australia? Wow! Beautiful place. I love Perth. But why are you leaving?

Me: (Sigh) Don’t ask lah…everything seems to be going wrong here!

You: Like?

Me: Haven’t you been reading what’s on the Internet lately?

You: Oh, you mean the gossip about Paris Hilton is it?

Me: No, it’s about the coming general election! It’s so confusing. Tell me, which party should I vote for?

You: That’s for you to decide, not me ST.

Me: Why not? You’re my shrink…I pay you to give me answers about things that are bugging me.

You: I answered you already ST. That’s for you to decide; and that’s my answer.

Me: I have to give it to you…you’re good…answering a question without really answering it…

You: Well, I learnt it from the politicians. I observe how they lie, I mean talk…

Me: Really? Like how?

You: Well, you know, they’ll say one thing and mean another thing most of the time.

Me: Not me, I’m a man of my word. Otherwise, I won’t have married my wife! (giggles)

You: Not only that, today they’ll say one thing, tomorrow, they’ll say something else.

Me: Ya lah…we cannot trust politicians; uh-uh…they think we’re fools or what!!

You: Well, as a matter of fact we are. Malaysians are fools and our politicians know that.