‘Dictator’ Chua – a general without soldiers

By FMT Staff

BATU PAHAT: Serious trouble is brewing down south with allegations of gangsterism and incompetency against PKR state chairman Chua Jui Meng.

In open defiance, 18 division leaders met with reporters here and spewed their angst over Chua’s “dictatorial” and “destructive” rule.

“He is a dictator and has destroyed Johor PKR and Pakatan Rakyat,” said Saiman Marjuki, spokesman for the group.

Brandishing banners bearing words chastising Chua’s leadership style and judgment, the group, which represented 18 of the 26 divisions in the state, said they were fed up with the former health minister’s arrogance and arbitrary selection of candidates for state posts.

Saiman said that two weeks ago Chua held a state PKR meeting and announced appointments to state posts without first discussing it with the divisional leaders.

“Those who know Chua got posts even without the divisional leaders meeting to discuss the appointments.

“He thinks he is right but in fact he is a general without soldiers,” said Saiman, adding that gangsterism was also now rearing its ugly head in the party .

“I myself have received two threatening SMSes asking me to leave the party. For my own safety, I have reported these SMSes to the police,” added Saiman.

‘MCA mentality’

On the presidential polls, Saiman said Chua had further shown his “MCA mentality” when he asked the members to vote for Azmin Ali (for the deputy presidency).