TK is not OK – Political Irony of the day (7 Nov. 2010)

By Martin Jalleh

Today, in The Star we read of former Gerakan President Lim Keng Yaik (KY) telling his protégé Koh Tsu Koon (TK) not to stay longer than he is welcome. Tsu Koon has been the president of Gerakan for only about three years, Keng Yaik has been at the top of the party for 27 years! Who has been overstaying?

For the younger generation who do not know who Lim Keng Yaik is, well his last Cabinet post was Minister of Energy, Water and Communications. Reporters would be ready to attest to the fact that KY was a very communicative Minister with lots of energy and “water” to spare!

The old man must have forgotten that four years ago he told The Star: “When I took over from Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu in 1980, they said, this KY will not be able to measure up to Chong Eu. I think I can now safely beg to defer. No two persons are alike. I told him (TK) to be himself just as I was myself.” As you can see, KY is still very much himself!

Meanwhile, the young “backdoor” Minister who has been besieged by KY for  “burying his head in the sand” and “bringing the party to the dogs” barked and brayed loudly today that Gerakan, far from being a party that is hopeless  — is a party of “honourable, honest and humble leaders”.  What a heap of hype and humbug from a man trying hopelessly hard to whip a dead horse!

TK promised to change his laid back “tai chi” leadership style to a more aggresive (hardened form of kungfu) — the “praying mantis” kungfu. Perhaps the “drunken monkey” style may be more suitable?