Update on Selva under police detention

By Air Kosong

Three witnesses, who earlier testified against the police in the inquest of death in custody of Gunasegaran, were all subsequently detained by the police and most probably beaten in detention. Selva is one of the victims. It is the best demonstration of the abuse of power and impunity of the police force and the failure of the judicial system in Malaysia. Call for IPCMC can’t be any louder.

The following is an update just received from Suaram:

SUARAM together with wife of Selvasanthiran (key witness in R. Gunasegaran’s death in custody inquest) and lawyer Adlan Hadi from Lawyers for Liberty went to the IPK Kuala Lumpur to meet Selva santhiran as promised by the Bukit Aman officers on Saturday 30th October 2010. Selvasanthiran is being detained under the Dangerous Drugs Act (DDA- Special Preventive Measures).

We were ‘welcomed’ by Miss Sharifah (Timbalan Ketua Jabatan Narkotik), Mr. Yap (Bahagian Undang-undang), Sazali and Suresh (Officer who arrested Selva on the 25th Oct). At the beginning we got the impression that they won’t allow the family and the lawyer to meet Selva. But after we made noise then they allowed the family and the lawyer to meet Selva. Family and the lawyer met Selva separately. They were given 15 minutes each.

During the family visit, Selva did mention to Saraswathy that he was beaten, kicked and punched on his chest by the police. He is now having some hearing problem after he was badly assaulted on the first and second day of his detention. He was not fully conscious for the first two days of his detention but was not given immediate medical attention till this was told to the lock up authorities by his fellow cell mates.  During his one week of detention, he was brought to Hospital once but he didn’t get proper medical attention.

The lawyers are now preparing the Habeas Corpus application.  The family will lodge a police report against the police on the assault against Selva.

Earlier on Saturday, 80 good Malaysians went to Bukit Aman to demonstrate against Selva’s sudden arrest and hand over a memorandum to the police. Watch the very touching video of Malaysians who stepped forward offering their helping hands to those denied of justice:

Watch videos at: https://airkosong.com/_/2010/11/01/update-on-selva-under-police-detention/