Taib Islamic Fashion Show

By Sarawak Report

A recent ‘Islamic Fashion Show’, staged in the gambling tax haven of Monaco, is being hammered by Muslim clerics, not just for encouraging a lack of modesty in apparel, but for the flaunting of obscene wealth by the Malaysian organisers and guests, who enjoyed a lavish party in the name of charity.

The guests included Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud and many of the glittering and bejewelled female members of his own family. These will have all doubtless have attended for free. On the other hand, the businessmen, who were arm-twisted into supporting the event, are said to have had to pay a RM1 million donation!

An Example from our ‘First Family’?

Now Sarawak Report has come into possession of a series of photographs of Sarawak’s ‘First Family’ that may very well send the Muslim clerics into a state of shock. It seems that the sisters, daughters and nieces of our Chief Minister are by no means the sober, modest exemplars of Muslim womanhood in the way that they expect others to behave.

To the contrary, while by day Taib’s women present themselves as international company directors and top businesswomen, come party-time we find them flaunting themselves in low-cut dresses and lewd poses, which would put most normal women to shame. Sarawak Report has no wish to impose any form of dress or behaviour on modern women. However, we do suggest that BN’s Muslim moralisers should live up to their own strictures in a country where women can be severely punished for drinking in public or behaving lewdly. 

In a recent judgement, posted on our comment section by one of our readers, the respected Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin states:


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